Last of the Fair Rides

That’s right, my friends. These are the final two remaining videos of my kilted fair ride experience. This was enough fun though that I may wear my kilt next time we visit a theme park! Maybe next year I can take in a hog hunt in my kilt or something. I’m going to have to think of something fun for next week too. Any suggestions? By these two rides, I was just about a pro at riding these things without showing the world what one wears under his kilt.

The best reason to ride these things with kids is they can tell you what to expect. You would think that I would pay attention to what these contraptions do prior to riding them. But, that wasn’t the point. Plus, kids totally freak out on these things. It’s pretty hilarious in my humble opinion. Kind of like the kid screaming next to me in this next vid:

And, I’ll be the first to admit that these two videos aren’t quite as entertaining as some of the others I’ve posted this week (like yesterday’s for example), so I’ll close with someone elses video. How about a kilted Darth Vader playing bagpipes on a unicycle?

Remember that there are giveaways for the top donors. Without naming names, my top three donors have been $150, $100, and $75, respectively. Then, I’ve got five donors at $50. That makes eight top donors, and I only have five prizes to give out! I will allow cumulative totals to be considered though. If you’ve given $50 and want to put yourself ahead of the other four, feel free to give another ten or so to take fourth, for instance. If you’ve been itching for a new, custom designed and crafted, leather holster; at this point, a $200 donation to the cause would get that. Have you enjoyed the videos? Would it be worthwhile to offer all of them in 1080p on an SD card as an item in the prize package? Let me know if the comments. Please also remember that Jennifer has offered to make a spectacle of herself if I win. A hot, recoil-induced butt-jiggling spectacle in black PVC.

We’re in the last week people – this is the final stretch. As of this writing, I’m sitting in a precarious third place. I am gaining on JayG and Ambulance Driver, but we need to pick up some momentum if we’re going to pull it out for the big win. Plus, Stingray and Jeff B are right on my tail, and they’ll be pulling out all the stops to get ahead. Please do slide a little money to my donation page to raise funds to benefit male-specific cancer.

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