Kilted Fair Rides Part 3; Plus Cute, Fuzzy Animals

Today’s videos are things that go round. Like this thing:

The Twister was pretty fun, although being in a kilt was kind of an academic point, as the seat area was enclosed and the ride didn’t take us upside down. Even so, I was wearing my kilt. Representing, and all that.

This was probably my least favorite ride, as I captioned in the video. When it had us slung out nearly horizontally, the wheel rose into a vertical position on an articulated arm that pivoted from the ground. Usually that sort of thing doesn’t get to me, but I was feeling very woozy from that one. I probably should have turned my camera back on as I was walking down from the ride, so you could laugh at my drunk walk. Can you get a DUI for being dizzy? So anyway, here’s some pics of some cute, fuzzy animals, as promised:

This little deer was tiny. That’s Teen Bot’s hand on its back.

Who knew there was an alpaca farm in Mustang, OK?!?! I may now have a truly local source for luxury socks!

This little guy stole Jennifer‘s heart, and I’ve been trying to convince her since that either we don’t need a wallaby, or we need a breeding pair so they can earn their keep. I have to admit though, he was awful cute.

These little guys kept nipping at my kilt. Tiny goats crack me up. They’re just so odd and funny! So, there’s that. You’re in for a treat on the video tomorrow. In the meantime, please do drop a donation on my KTKC page! Thanks again!

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