Roller Coasters and Other Delights

If you would like, you can skip the silliness and donate to the cause here. But, feel free to read on and be entertained. I’ve got to level with you. I almost never ride fair rides. The Scottish in me is entirely too cheap to pay for the ride tickets. The only reason I did any of the fair rides on Saturday was because we had free ride tickets. As fun as that was though, I could almost see springing for them in the future. If you read my blog yesterday, you doubtlessly saw me looking pretty silly on some fair rides. I told you then that I had more such videos to share. They had a little roller coaster at the fair. It didn’t really rival anything at any of the amusement parks within a day trip, but it was still fun.

Jennifer got several pics of us from the ground as she doesn’t do the roller coaster thing. They all look about like that last shot in the video – everyone is screaming except me, dutifully holding my camera above the car. Despite the neutral look on my face, I did enjoy the ride. Then, we decided to do something a little more serene. Jennifer’s back prevents her from riding anything boisterous, so we thought it might be nice to do something a little calmer, where we could do some people watching.

And, there was some great people watching to be done. The people watching went both ways, by the way. Seeing a man in a kilt is more common than you would think here in flyover country, but it’s still not common enough to register as normal. So I did get watched. A lot, in fact. As of this writing, I am still sitting in third place in the kilted fund raiser contest, behind JayG and Kelly, but the margins are tight. Plus, in only a few days’ time, we’ve exceeded a tenth of my posted goal of $5000.00 raised! If the donations keep coming in at that rate, we’ll make that goal. So, please do keep the donations coming! I’ll have more videos for you to watch through the week, and you’re in for a treat on Thursday! FedUp’s tracking is showing that I’ll have a brand new 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt this afternoon, so I may have to post some feedback on that. I’ll probably write up some non-kilt related stuff today as well, so please do check back.

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