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If I showed you some videos of myself on several different state fair rides wearing a kilt, would it influence you to donate to help stop male-specific cancers? It’s worth a try at any rate.

There’s more where that came from! We spent our Saturday at the fair, and I thought that it would be insanely fun to take some video of the rides. For some time now, I’ve been wanting to integrate more photos and videos into my blog. “Worth a thousand words” and all that. Heck, have another one!

Again, many thanks to those of you who have so generously donated funds towards the cause. Also, thank you A Girl for donating and sending your wonderful readers my direction! As of right now, I’m in third place for the most donations toward the goal. To everyone else, please do help me keep it there. Oh also, Jamilyn has donated yet another one of her beautiful paintings as a giveaway! This one is called Quiet Solitude, and is also an oil on canvas, 8×10:

So, there’s another one that my top donor can choose from. What else would you like? Are you holding out on a really great donation because I haven’t offered the right prize yet? What would that be? Also, please let me know if the videos are entertaining or stupid. Or both. Or neither. I think they’re funny, but that could be just a touch of narcissism. Regardless, I do hope you would consider donating to Kilted To Kick Cancer on my behalf.

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