Evyl’s KTKC – Details on the Loot

You all remember a couple of days ago when I freaked out and had a whiny meltdown offered incentives for Kilted To Kick Cancer donations? Well, I wanted to give an update and provide some more information on the prizes. The painting by Jaimilyn is an 8×10 oil piece on canvas, entitled “Beginning of Fall”, as seen on her website. This is quite a beautiful painting that would very well decorate anyone’s wall. I would say that Jamilyn has forgotten more about fine art than I ever knew, but I don’t think she’s forgotten a single thing at all.

In case you aren’t yet familiar with Mark’s grips at Rimfire Designs, his work is fantastic. For the past couple years, I’ve chatted back and forth with Mark, and we’ve bounced our business ideas at each other repeatedly. Ironically, I don’t yet own any of his grips. I’ve been leaning on him to start producing some S&W revolver grips, and he’s finally caved! Imagine this kind of woodwork:

On this:

In this:

Keep in mind, that’s unfinished, rough-cut wood. That orange color gets a lot brighter when finished. For the astute among you who noticed my logo stamp atop that plank, this is my commitment to KTKC and the prizes:

Yes, that’s my chaotic workspace. And, the shelf bisecting this image that everything is on is the English yew plank in question. So, I’m going to have to uproot all that clutter and ship a gun to Mark in order to make this happen. And, it’s totally worth it. Mark is going to make two sets of grips that will be signed and numbered and awarded separately. But wait, that’s not all! πŸ˜‰

I’m also offering a custom holster build. Have you been wanting one of my holsters but hadn’t gotten around to ordering yet? Do you need something in an odd cant angle or a crazy color? For your Glock, or 1911, or M&P, or possibly another type of handgun, have you been needing a new tuckable IWB or pancake style OWB holster?

Of course, the above is just an example. That particular specimen has already been delivered and put into full-time use. I’ll look forward to working on a new and unique piece made just for you! Be the top donator to my KTKC page, and you get your pick of these.

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4 thoughts on “Evyl’s KTKC – Details on the Loot

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  2. I am??? πŸ˜€

    Yes, yes, I will make two sets of grips that will be signed and numbered. I will add though that the grips don’t have to be S&W ones. I can make them as 1911, Browning, or Ruger SP101 as well.

    If you don’t want them out of the Yew Michael has I will first question your sanity and then do them out of whatever wood I have in my inventory that you would like – Bubinga, Paduak, Mahogany, Teak, Peruvian Walnut, American Walnut and Lacewood.

    If you want them in any other format, we would have to talk because that would require an FFL transfer, otherwise I will be willing to give it a shot.

    So there, this should make up for the trouble. πŸ˜€

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