KTKC – Nearly Half Way Through, Plus Nifty New Giveaways.

Alright everybody. This is just pathetic. To the best of my knowledge, OldNFO is not wearing a kilt and already has donations into the triple digits. Please do correct me on that if I’m wrong. Kelly’s not really in the contest and he’s still in second place! I’ve got to level with you, readers: This kilt is a pain in the butt. I really don’t remember it being all that big a deal last year, but it’s really tearing me up. If I’m going to wear this thing every day* this month and have to explain it to every stranger who asks about it, surely you could pitch five or ten bucks towards the cause on my donation page! Please don’t make me beg. Oh. Too late. I guess this is begging.

Last year, a more well-known blogger stole my idea to offer offered custom pics in exchange for generous donations. This year, he offers secondary prizes to his readers in exchange for generous donations. Well, when I say that my friend Mark of Rimfire Designs donated a pair of 1911 grips to the cause, I had to call and hassle him for that. He rectified this slight indiscretion with style.

Mark has been making some really beautiful grips for 1911s, Hi-Powers and some other semi-autos in quite a few exotic woods. He’s branched out into revolver grips a little bit, testing the waters on Ruger SP101s. He’s doing something new for the Evyl Robot KTKC. He’s making two sets of grips to fit the S&W K/L/X frame round butt out of a slice of English yew, hand-picked by your’s truly. This is gorgeous wood that I’ve been looking for just the right application to use it. Each exclusive set of grips will be signed and numbered, and will be engraved with either My “ER” logo, or the KTKC shield, or decorated with one of Mark’s pyrographic designs, or left blank, at the winner’s preference. Additionally, Mark’s wife, J.L., who is an up and coming master painter, has donated one of her beautiful works to the prize pot. I will try to get a picture posted of her painting as well as a description of the media used, etc. as soon as possible. Not to be outdone, I’m also going to donate a custom made OWB or IWB holster to fit a 1911, M&P, or Glock pistol (possibly others – depends on what you have and what dummy guns I have in house). This holster will be a double-layer horsehide model, and I may incorporate some exotic skin, depending on how froggy I’m feeling and how creative I can get with the prize winner. Any one of these four prizes is valued at over $200.00.

So, what do you have to do to win? Donate to KTKC through my donation page. The highest donation gets their pick of these four prizes. The second highest donator gets second pick, etc. So, I’ve got almost $1,000 worth of gear that I’m now bribing my readers with. If you have something that you’d like to contribute to the prize pot, please give me a shout. And, please do make a donation to KTKC through my page. I’m not keeping a cent of the donation money, but I’d be tickled to heck if I became serious competition in the main fundraiser contest. Plus, it’s a great cause.

*I missed the first day of the month. I didn’t even realize it until that evening. Also, I did make a private range trip in jeans. That was just before I couldn’t stand the sweat in the wool and it was pretty warm that weekend. I apologize for my weakness.

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16 thoughts on “KTKC – Nearly Half Way Through, Plus Nifty New Giveaways.

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  2. Ok, I already dontated to that peaky Old NFO, but I will donate again. If I win, even though I really want another one of your holsters, I will donate mine to a service memeber overseas.

  3. A Girl reminded us this was the month. As much as I adore NFO I can’t let you be so far behind. 50.00 in the pot added from Total Survivalist Libertarian Bitch Fest in memory of my grandfather and for all of you guys fighting the good fight!

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