Deer Season

If you have been reading my rantings, you know that I’ve been testing the waters of hunting. In reading all the rules and regulations in the Oklahoma Hunting Guide, I was a little peeved to see that whereas we rifle hunters only have a couple weeks in which to hunt whitetail deer, those archers get over two full months! So, several months ago I purchased myself a compound bow which I still need to write about here. Daniel S had a game camera that he wasn’t using, and we set it up on the family farm. We saw pictures of all kinds of wildlife. Later, Jennifer and I purchased our own game camera to set in a different location at the family farm. We went and checked the cameras a couple of weeks ago and found that they were not placed well and consequently, we had 8 Gigs of pictures of leaves. We reset the cameras and checked them again on Saturday.

This isn’t the only location we’ve caught raccoons. Either those little buggers really get around, or there are a bunch of them out there, or both. Farm Mom told me that she once cooked a raccoon for a potluck. She said it was tasty, but one of her guests didn’t appreciate it at all. I think I peed a little from the laughter when she told me that. Apparently, everyone thought it was really good until she told them what they’d been eating. Of course I’m not posting all of the pics here, but these are a few of note.

This is one of several does that we caught on camera. I guess they can hear the shutter going off or something, as they often pose for the camera. It cracks me up how she’s all ears. Is it me, or does she look particularly young? Wait a minute – ‘does’ and ‘does’. Huh.

Here’s another. Is that a fawn with her? Again, the camera is just too fascinating! I believe she’s been nursing, because her ribs are so prominent. If I saw one walking past my blind that looked like that, I believe I’d let her go even if she didn’t have a fawn with her. But, I want to see bucks! Isn’t there anything with horns?

Now that’s what I’m talking about! The image is a little fuzzy, but that’s clearly an antlered whitetail, and he knows it. He’s got a rack and he has muscles. He’s not the biggest I’ve seen. He’s not even the biggest I’ve seen in that same spot, actually. It’s been a few years ago that I saw the big one down there though. We keep seeing his tracks – I suppose they don’t get big by being easy to see. On October we have the start of deer archery, Fall turkey archery, and rabbit season. Squirrel season doesn’t end until January 31. So, it’s about to get very interesting around here. Anyway, I thought you might like to read about something other than Kilted To Kick Cancer. But seriously, please do donate.

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