Fashion and Fashion Disaster of the Kilted Kind

As you all know, I am one of a bunch of hooligans who are trying our darnedest to raise money and awareness for male-specific cancer this month. As I said in a previous post, I have only one kilt. This one is a Fraser tartan actually made in Scotland. It’s actually quite nice, and not really suited for daily wear. Don’t get me wrong – it’s plenty sturdy enough for it. It’s just kind of much for daily wear. These things are made from a lot of material! This one was made for someone who is about five feet, seventeen inches tall, so I had to hem it significantly. I kid you not – I had to hem about four inches up. The only real way to do this was to iron all of the pleats flat, iron and stitch the hem, and re-knife all the pleats with the iron. I got the kilt second hand, but it’s not necessarily a permanent arrangement, so I didn’t want to permanently alter it. So, I’ve actually got four inches of wool folded up at the hem. When it’s 100+ degrees outside, this thing is hot.

Anyway, in addition to the 5.11 TDK* and AD kilt that I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been thinking about additional options. I’d really love a denim kilt that had a jeans-style fly, belt loops, and five pockets. I haven’t found one that’s really right. In fact, I haven’t really even liked any of the denim kilts I’ve run across so far. Similarly, I’d really like a camouflage kilt that is styled like BDUs, with the cargo pockets under slash pockets in ripstop cotton, with the button fly. There are lots of camo kilts out there, and I might just have to settle, unless I decide to have one custom made, which is also a valid option.**

Anyway, I hit Google and eBay for a while and found some textiles of note. If you can’t call a kilt a ‘skirt’, then I guess you can’t call this a ‘slip’. I suppose I can see the value, but that just seems like it would amplify the heat. I believe I’ll pass. If any benevolent benefactors out there wanted to sponsor this kilt from Comme Des Garcons, I’d wear it proudly. Well, I’d wear it proudly up until I thought about how that money should have been donated to the cause instead of bolstering my wardrobe. Then, I’d feel like kind of a dick.

Years ago, I ran into the Utilikilts booth at the local medieval fair. That was back before anybody had heard of them. I wish I’d bought one from them back then, so I could be like the Utilikilts hipster, but I was a penniless kid at the time and one of their garments would put about fifteen tanks of gas in my car. Right now, it appears that they’re running a pretty decent sale on their camo kilts in the Original and Survival styles. Although I am all about pocket space, I just don’t see the necessity to pocket twenty beers, so I’d probably lean more in the Original direction. A lot of people have had great things to say about Alt Kilt, but I’m a little put off by box pleats on men’s kilts. Tradition is knife pleats, and box pleats look like a cheerleader skirt to me. My personal hangups aside, wear whatever you like. And those links are not to pick on Sport Kilt at all – they seem to have a decent line at a very reasonable price.

Anyway, if you choose to wear a kilt, be mindful and careful about it. Don’t wear just anything. You don’t want to wind up another dude in a skirt.

Please do give generously and according to your heart’s directive to the KTKC cause through my link here.

*5.11 Tactical is showing the shipping date on my order as of 8/9/2012. I don’t know where they are shipping from, but that gives me something else to wear in a week or so probably.

**H/T to AD.

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