Overheard on the Back Porch – KTKC

Me: “It suddenly occurs to me that I’m wearing a Scottish kilt with U.S.G.I. combat boots and a BDU shirt, and pointing a compound bow across the back yard. You’ve got to be some kind of weird to find yourself like this.”

Teen Bot: “Or, some kind of AWESOME!”

Me: “Thanks, buddy.”

*Sigh.* The kid is 13.5. I have no delusions that he’ll always think I’m cool. In fact, I’m honestly surprised every time something like that pops out of his mouth anymore… Kiltpic!

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*My spotter couldn’t see where I hit in the above pic. I don’t think that I went off paper, but won’t rule it out as completely impossible either, as I wasn’t familiar with the gun. As unlikely as it is, I think I shot through someone elses prior hole by luck.

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