Kilted To Kick Cancer 2012

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Alright. I’m in. To prove my commitment, here’s a slutty-MyFace-profile-style pic I took of myself for you to laugh at me:

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I remember exactly those of you who donated to KTKC through my links last year, and without calling you out by name, I want you to know how important that was. Big big thanks, again. I don’t have a huge readership, but we made a difference last year, and I’m certain we’ll make an even bigger splash this year. Let’s not let this simply be a contest between Ambulance Driver, JayG, and Caleb. Even if I can’t win the contest, I’d like the more prominent bloggers to at least sweat a little. Help me there.

Right now, the only kilt I have is the formal wool one I wore last September. Although, I’m still expecting my 5.11 Tactical and my Ambulance Driver Cargo kilts any time now. I’ve thought about making myself a blue-jeans, 5-pocket, denim kilt and/or a military camo, BDU-style kilt as well. If I’m going to be wearing a kilt for an entire month out of the year from here on out, I should have some options, right?

On a more serious note… Friends, please meet me in this commitment. My grandpa is a survivor of prostate cancer, as was Jennifer‘s grandad. Chances are very good that there is someone close to you who has had prostate or testicular cancer at one time or another, even if you (speaking to my male readers) haven’t had it yourself! Let’s raise awareness and raise money to benefit. There will be more pics to follow. If you have any suggestions for good pics, please send them along. I’ll look forward to your thoughts. Thanks again!

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Note – I didn’t put the donation link in here so much to nag at you, I just wanted to make it as easy to find as possible. Thanks again.

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    • Haw! Thanks, AD. For the record, any shaming of my friends that I might do here at is all in good fun and should not be taken otherwise. 😉

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