My Wardrobe Malfunction

I want to know when the razor blades were installed in my left knee and elbow! Here in the last couple of months, I’ve had the left knee of about six pairs of jeans and the left elbow of about three or four nice sport coats fray out. Granted, I’ve been wearing these garments regularly for some time now, but the fact that they all blew out all at once in the same place strikes me as very odd.

The most recent was yesterday, when I noticed the knee looking thin on the Diesel jeans and the hole in the elbow of the camel-hair jacket I was wearing. I remember seeing hemp jeans for sale in the 90’s. I wonder how those wear and if they are still available… Maybe I ought to get with a fabric mill and have them blend some material out of high-end hair (lambs wool, alpaca, cashmere, etc.) and Kevlar fiber. There’s probably a market for such fabric…

Anyhoo, I’m feeling a little P’d to the O that I am needing clothing at exactly the time that I don’t want to be spending money on clothing. It figures. On the other hand, I have lost a little around the waist, and gained a little around the chest (which has made the Jenni happy). My jeans have been a little big around the waist, and my jackets are starting to look a little snug through the chest. This may be an excellent opportunity to step-up my exercise and see where my sizing settles before replacing that portion of my wardrobe. It wouldn’t surprise me if I wound up quite a bit off from where I have been size-wise.

I just had to vent. Thanks for your patience, both of you.

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4 thoughts on “My Wardrobe Malfunction

  1. Okla-freaking-homa, baby! I’m trying out a pair of Dickie’s jeans that seem to be holding up well so far. They aren’t incredibly stylish, but they do seem to be made well.

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