All of a Sudden, Calamari!

Note: I was going to post this yesterday but I misplaced my camera. I did get this nifty new camera so hopefully I’d be inspired to post more pictures here. So far so good. I need to review the camera as well.

Me: “What sounds good for dinner?”

Jen: “I don’t know.”

Me: “I was thinking sandwiches or something.”

Jen: “That sounds alright.”

Me: “…”

Me: “Nah. Screw that. We’ve got that jumbo squid in the freezer and there’s one egg in the refrigerator. I want to fry up some calamari.”

Seriously. Who has random calamari? It turned out really good. I had one or two pieces that were slightly rubbery, but the rest was just about perfect. Dipped in sriracha, it was pretty amazing. That’s sushi rice with nori steamed into it on the side. Yum!

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