Oh, Please Save Us Too!!!

Something that I keep hearing as I’ve gone further down the rabbit hole on preparedness that I’m sure many of you have heard as well is this, “I know you’re armed. If anything big happens, I’ll just come to your place!” Wrong answer, Bucko. Actually, this is only wrong about 95% of the time I hear it. Why the hell to people just assume that we’d defend their unprepared butts if the place went all to Crapsville? If the apocalypse did happen, do you have any idea how many people we’d have to turn away at the door with a shotgun? I’m not trying to be callous, I’m trying to be realistic in a situation when such actions might otherwise be appropriate anyway.

My friend Will (whose business I need a persistent link to here) related a story to me once. A girl he was friends with once called him on the phone in hysteric terror, saying that someone was trying to break into her home, and he needed to come save her NAOW!!!!! His response was a simple, “Do it yourself!” Even telling me the story, he apologized for his callousness. But, no. Even though it is true that those who choose to not arm and train gain safety benefits tangentially from those of us who do arm ourselves and train. In a place that supports CCW, the bad guys don’t know who is an easy mark and who carries tools of death. This makes them think a little harder before they commit evil. Additionally, if I’m in a position of being threatened at the same time as one of the unarmed, there is a likelihood that my self-defense actions will save them as well. However, I do not arm and train to save them, but myself. It is not anyone else’s job to ensure their security but themselves. Indeed, if Will had run to the rescue of his friend in need and shot the bad guy, that would make him a vigilante. Apparently she dialed the wrong number – she should have dialed 911, since she didn’t choose to protect herself. The callous one in his story was his friend, who took none of the responsibility for her own safety and expected him to put his neck out there because he did prepare. No. Sorry, but no.

If the world I know went into total chaos, I have no doubt that fellow victims would try to come and hunker, using my resources, bringing nothing to the game with them. As a liability, a parasite. They only show up because they know they can’t survive on their own. And, it’s true. Turning them away is a death sentence. Not only would they have to be met with arms, as mentioned above, I fully expect that things may have to turn immediately lethal with a person who I may have previously considered a friend. I also know many who are prepared in ways that I might not be. If you showed up with a truckload of non-perishables or extra ammo, or tools, and asked to join the party, I might have a different answer. If you showed up with an intangible toolbox full of practical skills, I’d be more likely to let you aboard. Additionally, I have no doubt that I know people who would welcome me and mine into their own fortification for the same reason, that I am bringing goods to the party. They know that I won’t suck their resources so much as combine my own with theirs to make the whole stronger.

To some, it may just seem mean-spirited, but if everything went upside down, it would not be about being ‘nice’ so much as surviving. Consideration for those totally unprepared would be a luxury we could, in large part, simply not afford. This would, of course, have to be delicately balanced with reasonable compassion. So, what to take away from today’s rant? I’m really preaching to the choir on this one. Perhaps it’s this: If it’s the end of the world, and you show up at your Prepared Buddy’s hole-up, you had better ask yourself why he should let you in beyond simply being buddies. Because if things have gotten as bad as they ever could, he can’t provide for all of his friends. You should have thought more about that before it came to this. Best of luck to you.

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19 thoughts on “Oh, Please Save Us Too!!!

  1. Could not agree with your comments more. (I don’t see them as a rant as much as a good educational tool.) My next door neighbor has informed me that they “do not believe in guns” (Not sure really what that means.) although his wife has mentioned she’d love to go to the range with me since her dad used to do that with her in their native Canada. I’d really like to put one of those signs in my front yard, with an arrow pointing toward his house, that says something to the effect “the people next door do not believe in guns. Out of respect for their beliefs I will refrain from coming to their defense in the event of a burglary or home invasion”. I really don’t think he would appreciate my humor though.

  2. Good thoughts. J and I are slowly getting to the place where we can start building up our stash, food/water/ammo-wise. Not there yet, so we won’t be pounding on your door if it hits the fan next week (just outta respect, ya know!). But its something we’ve discussed, and are in agreement that stockpiling needs to happen around this place.

    Although, if you happen to need a library full of good WW1/WW2 history books, gimme a holler and we’ll head up there to contribute!

    • I suspect you have people that are a little closer by that you could hole up with. You and J are not the kind we’d turn away so much as the office co-worker who has never so much as THOUGHT about their own safety and survival – totally different scenario. You still need to give us a shout and come up to our range. If the world fell apart, I think a library of WWI and WWII history books would be extremely valuable once we got to the settling back down point.

      • The problem with the thought of settling down in the DFW area is the fact that, well, it IS the DFW metroplex. LOTS of people…so, in my mind at least, that’s where the panic will kick in first, and mobs form. As the line in “Men In Black” (the first) goes, “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.” Our first step, after gathering anything and everything of value in an OhCrap world, will be to get as far away from the cities as possible. If the crud were to hit the oscillating fan tomorrow, we’d be able to contribute a couple of bolt-action rifles, a single-barrel 12-gage (which may or may not be in the best of condition), two Springfield XD’s, a lot of sarcasm, and a willingness to do whatever needs doing. We’re slowly working on getting to the point where the contribution “bucket” has more to offer.

  3. Thanks for putting this into words. I’ve had similar thoughts meandering around in my head, but I never organized them.

    My wife and I have been through hurricanes, blackouts, a blizzard, and ice storms, so we’ve learned from experience that prepping makes sense. It’s simply another form of life insurance, and far more immediate and useful than a policy.

    Why people think that our just-in-time logistics system is going to be able to always absorb every natural and manmade disaster is beyond me. Be able to take care of yourself. It’s called “being an adult.”

  4. we’ve had to tell people the same thing. we have neighbors who assume they’ll hole up with us if things go tits-up, and i’ve had to tell them quite forcibly that no, they will not be welcome in our home as they have no useful survival skills whatsoever. they stopped talking to us after that…

    there are some people we would invite to stay with us. all of those people have useful skills, and none of them are gun-shy or hunting-shy. some have firearms, and some hunt regularly. i even think i could convince my mom to learn to shoot in a situation like that. but anyone who tries to get in and has no useful survival skills? nuh-uh.

  5. Kim du Toit had a piece a few years back about a friend who, at a party, was told by a friends’ wife “If disaster strikes, we’re coming to your place!” and he said “No, you’re not. Unless you have supplies and gear to contribute.” She, and a number of other women, threw fits and called names that he would DARE to say he wouldn’t use up his supplies feeding them & theirs.

    Said some of the husbands later asked for some prep advice, but the women just stayed pissed: SOMEBODY other than themselves was supposed to take care of them!!!

  6. We’ve had that conversation more than once at our place. If things go bad, I’m fully expecting that our sponge-on-a-good-day neighbor and his meth-addict girlfriend and her brood will have to be forceably kept off of our property. It’s not a bad idea to make a rule of thumb set of criteria about folks who are welcome and who aren’t. One good thing about allowing others that you trust with supplies and/or useable skillsets in is that you can sleep at some point.

  7. Well I am mighty glad I have my head on straight now and am not waiting to depend on anyone else, but if it’s the end of the world and I happen to in your neighborhood, can I stop by and say howdy?

  8. I read another good post like this…as he put it, show up without gear and you’ll know your place in the command structure. It may be “pack mule” “cannon fodder” or even, “zombie bait”….depending on the circumstances.

    I’ve had people say that sort of thing, both to me and to others.

    Though…the scariest type of person is one with only guns and ammo who says they don’t need water or food, they’ll be able to get plenty.

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