No Longer Dark or, “Boy, Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Have an IT Department”

Yesterday, I warned you that my computer would be down for a while. And, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “But Evyl, didn’t you go through this just about a year ago?” *Grumble rumble razzin frazzin…* And yes, I did some major work to my computer and wiped the drive to install 7 almost exactly one year ago. “In fact,” you then ask, “haven’t you had lots of trouble with that computer? Why don’t you just get a new one?” *Grumble Mumble Growl…* Look, these things are expensive for one. Add to that the fact that I’m stubborn and cheap. I’d probably be better off to spend the money on a good new computer with paid security software on it, but I’m going to nurse this one along for the time being. Anyway, I again went to wrenching on the thing. Once I got into it, it was far worse off than I had previously realized. There was a point in time that I would futz with these things and pull them back from the brink of destruction. As long as the worms and malwares aren’t buried too deep, I can still dig them out. However, at this point in life, if they’re bad enough, I’ll just wipe them and start over. That’s where this one was. I was getting weird pop-ups in every browser I used, and they started losing consistency, and I couldn’t identify the software doing the popping. So, I backed up my files on the network, nuked the hard drive and reinstalled 7 Ultimate from scratch. I figured that would take a while. But really, this has been the easiest, smoothest installation I’ve done on this machine, anyway. In fact, once Windows gets the bazillion updates downloaded and installed, I need to reinstall the network printer and I should be done. Not too shabby! It’s been so pain-free in fact, that I may just nuke the hard drive and reinstall the OS every August as routine maintenance. So, that’s about it for now. I think I’ll try to get Chatzilla configured so I can bug some of you fine people in GBC.

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8 thoughts on “No Longer Dark or, “Boy, Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Have an IT Department”

  1. “Nuke it from orbit – only way to be sure”

    Someone was likely going to say it. Might as well be me… heh.

  2. It’s worth asking, how would an IT department do it. I can answer that.

    1. Keep the important user data off on a network share. For a home user, you can use dropbox for this and it works GREAT! Make sure you redirect your desktop, my documents, and email .pst into the dropbox folder.

    2. Get everything installed perfectly, then take an image. The image lets you re-image it back the way it was in a few clicks. I used to recommend Ghost for this, but now it is all Norton-ified and I am hesitant.

    Good Luck,

    • Thanks Ellie!

      1) Since I’m working from a laptop that does go out and about with me, I’d want to keep persistent copies on the machine in case I was working without WAN access. However, Dropbox can still be configured that way, can’t it?

      2) I’ve just about got everything the way I want it. When I do, I’m definitely going to create a recovery point of some type. If I’m not mistaken (and I very well may be), 7 Ultimate can do this natively, I just need to figure out how to work it. I’m not a fan of Norton either.

  3. 1)Norton and Mcaffee are both worthless, AND resource hogs. Probably the best consumer antivirus on the market is MS Security Essentials. Avast is not far off at #2. Both are free.
    2)IE Explorer is an open invitation to malware. Use Firefox with Adblock and NoScript. You’ll have alot less problems.
    3)Download Malwarebytes and run it every coupla weeks. You’d be amazed at what it finds that the AV software misses.

    • 1) I’ve never been impressed with Norton or Mcaffee for the reasons you give there. I’ve been using MS Security Essentials, although probably not to its fullest.

      2) I refuse to use Exploder and have for years. I’ve got FF with NoScript. I’ll install Adblock here in a minute. Thanks for the tip!

      3) On your recommendation I just downloaded Malwarebytes. I’m looking forward to playing with it.

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