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I’ve been telling Jennifer on and off for years that she should shave her head sometime, not because I’m sadistic (well, this is not evidence of my sadism anyway), but because I know she’s pretty enough to pull it off. I’d still be crazy about her even if she wasn’t. Her looks aside, her hair grows fast enough that I knew it would be back in no time. Two weeks ago, we actually did shave her head in support of cancer victims, as you already know. Anyway, here’s what she looks like now:

Her hair has grown at least a quarter of an inch since we sheared her. Yeah, by Blogorado, she’ll be shaggier than a crew cut, unless she decides to trim it up between now and then. Even if she doesn’t, I’ll likely reshave my head before then, not like that’s newsworthy. Incidentally, the reason we didn’t call Schutenfest “Bloglahoma” is that sounds like something that got caught in your throat and you regret choking on in polite company. I’ve got loose visions for a logo, as it looks like it’s turning into a full-on annual event. Anyway, I took the above pics with my new Nikon AW100, which deserves its own post altogether. And speaking of gear reviews, I may have a redux to my Double Tap post, without giving too much away too soon.

And guess who I’m listening to this morning…

We could have had an owl
Rolling in DDT
You had my hardened Sal
Dee yea haw
But you plaited
To the bee.

First one to guess correctly wins one hundred internets.

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