The Short-Term Shopping List

I have a couple of firearm-related items on my short-term list. I’ve been pining for a big-boy coach gun. I’m talking about a 3.5-inch chambered 10-gauge made of modern steel so I can shoot ammo off the shelf from Academy or whatever. This Summer, we are planning to go to an Appleseed shoot, so I’ve been trying to get together whatever supplies we are going to need for that. So, there’s the background story.

At the local pawn shop, they have some Italian-made 10-gauge over/under. I plan on running by there this afternoon to take some better notes on the specifics of the gun. I have really been wanting a side-by-side, but 10-gauge doubles seem to be in short enough supply that I’m not going to get really choosy. I do want the full-length chambers, no hammers, and modern steel. Chances are, once I actually get a gun, I’ll shoot it a couple of times and find that the recoil cancels out the fun. When I’m curled up, crying in the corner of the range with my shoulder throbbing, I’ll make the decision to resell the gun. At that point, I want to make sure that I’ve shopped well enough that I don’t take a major loss on getting that out of my system. Therefore, I need to find out exactly what this gun is and what it is worth. Then, I can set a ceiling on what I would actually spend on the thing so that I don’t wind up eating a bunch of money just so I get to hurt myself. Why does that seem so reasonable, anyway?

Moving on… The three of us in the Evyl Robot Empyre would like to attend an Appleseed Shoot this Summer. Since we purchased the Ruger 10/22 for the kiddo, plus several magazines, I figure we’ll get him a set of Tech Sights for it, and he’ll be set for the training.

I had wondered about getting enough 5.56 or .223 ammunition for us to run our AR’s, but at ~$.50/round times 500-rounds for the weekend for each of us, that comes out to $500 in ammo! I figure that we can pick up a couple more rimfires and ammo for them for that price! Then, we would have some nice plinking guns after the fact. It looks like I’m going to borrow my mom’s Winchester 69A bolt-action for the event. I’ll probably buy a few extra magazines for it, and just give them to her afterwards.

Then, I’m kind of thinking about getting a bolt conversion and a few Black Dog magazines for one of our AR’s, or even a full .22LR upper. I really don’t think we would need more than one of those between the two of us.

Here’s the crux: I kind of hope I can find fault with this 10-gauge O/U that makes me not want to buy it. The reason is that I don’t think I can afford to buy the shotgun and still be able to get us outfitted with the equipment we’ll want to have for Appleseed. On the one hand, I’d love it if everything turned out perfect and I got my coach gun, but on the other, I’d like to be able to dismiss that so I can move forward on getting us set up for rimfire.

Oh, the joys of working within a budget!

*cheesy telegraph beeping sound* UPDATE:

We stopped by the pawn shop on the way home with my brother in tow. It’s an Armsport 2700, and it is chambered for 3-inch shells. If the gun was EXACTLY what I envision having, with 3-inch chambers, I would go for it for the price that I could get it for. But, since I’ve never once seen 3-inch, 10-gauge shells in a store, I’m leaning in the direction of letting this one go. It’s a sweet gun, and I may change my mind if it sits in the shop for long enough, but for the time being, I’m going to focus more on getting .22’s set up for Appleseed.

*cheesy telegraph beeping sound* UPDATE TO THE UPDATE:

Actually, when I measured the 10-gauge in question, I came up with right around if not just over 3.25-inches. I just performed the same measurement on Jen an my Winchesters (which are each marked for use with 3-inch shells), and both the 20-gauge and the 12-gauge measured just short of 3-inches. What does that mean? I must find my answers!

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5 thoughts on “The Short-Term Shopping List

  1. 10 ga.? Holy crap, dude. My 12 ga. shooting high brass almost put my shoulder of of its socket. I can only imagine what a 10 ga. will kick like.

  2. ONinNY, LOL! Some of the 12-gauge is spicy, isn’t it? The thing that most 10-gauges have going for them is that they are REALLY HEAVY. This one that I have been looking at is a beast of steel and walnut. The sucker has to weigh on top of ten pounds empty. Even so, I’d hate to be crying like a little girl in the corner of the range after dislocating my shoulder with the thing!


  3. Inst, don’t I wish! Unfortunately, I’ve never passed out due to anything before. I can’t even get ‘passed out drunk’ but rather hit the ‘puking my guts out drunk’ level far before I can hit the former threshold. Lovely, I know.


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