Jen-chi 2.0

Who put the “bok” in the bok choy bok choy bok choy?
Who put the “daikon” in the daikon radish?
Who was that man? Was he from Japan?
He made my baby make some kimchi.

The kitchen is a mess and I keep catching a whiff of fermenting veggies. The smell is faint but unmistakeable. Jennifer and I canned up the makings of kimchi with the vegetables that we purchased at the oriental grocery last week. She poured over the internet for recipes and methods until she was properly misinformed and we set out to hazard our health with controlled food decay. The truly psychotic part is that neither of us has actually ever had kimchi. So, if we screw it up, we won’t even know! That whole thing about “if it doesn’t kill you…” Well, wish us luck. We’re talking about bringing a jar or two to Blogorado if we survive the original sampling. Here’s to fermentation and not botulism!

God help us all.

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4 thoughts on “Jen-chi 2.0

  1. Good luck with this endeavor. Having spent a large part of my Naval career in the Western Pacific I never developed a liking to kimchi. Monkey meat on a stick, cooked over a hibachi on a street corner in Olongapo, maybe. Of course, I did learn that if you are drunk enough about anything taste good. ;->

  2. I have tried it once, actually. And was fascinated. It’s really not like anything else. And yeah, this batch will be hot if we did it right.

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