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The girls pushed me into this. Jennifer likes to brag about nice thing that I do way more than I like to. Anyway, it’s no secret that I have done my craft for the benefit of the troops at one time or another. More and more often, I have our men and women overseas contacting me to inquire about a custom holster for their issued M9 pistol. I hear the issued holsters are pretty crappy. Anyway, I would really like to be able to not charge these brave people who are serving – I’d like to make them a holster and ship it. Unfortunately, not operating at a loss is more important in my business model than supplying holsters to the troops. Bills get paid better anyway. I was chatting with Erin and bemoaning this very fact. Currently, I’ve been working with several individuals in our armed forces who are looking for new rigs. I was telling her about a woman in particular in Afghanistan who needs a different holster. Erin said that as generous as people have been to her, she would be more than happy to help pay for this young lady’s holster. And then, an idea was born. I ran the idea past A Girl, as this is kind of up her alley. She loved it. And the idea became a plan. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to have to do legally, but my plan is to offer the custom M9 holsters for sale, but treat the troops like their money is useless. I’ll accept donations from anyone who cares to sponsor an M9 holster, and I’ll keep a list of those who are serving that have expressed interest in a holster, and basically have a random draw for the next recipient if the list of interested gets too long. Is that too vague, or too specific? Is there anything I should be thinking of differently about this? Any of you law savvy people know of anything that I need to be careful about with this thing? I want your input. So, bring on the flames. And the advice. And start donating.

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12 thoughts on “Holsters 4 Heros

  1. The only potential drawback I see is if someone really, really wants that holster but cannot wait for it to be crowdfunded. You’d either have to operate at a temporary loss or be forced to take their money to facilitate expediency.

    Of course, the best way around this is to build up a buffer of donations, so that there are 3-4 holsters already paid for before you begin making one.

  2. I’m in. let me know when you need the money. I can swing about $50, maybe $75.

    And you could put (in small letters) the donors names, say on the back. If they want.

    Let me know when you need it, and I’ll send you the check. You got my Email.

    Since I’m not buying a recoil pad soon…..

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  4. Great idea. Here are my thoughts.

    1. Might want to talk to somebody in the know about what you have to do to make sure the troops don’t get in trouble for unauthorized equipment

    2. If you put together a logo or pic for this project I will gladly put it up on my blog to help get ya some donations.

    3. Kickstarter sounds like a great idea assuming they don’t have any dumb anti gun policies.

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