The Contempt Vote

Currently, I’m watching the debates preceding the vote on Holder’s Fast & Furious. I can’t believe the partisan disingenuous bromides and talking points. This is why I don’t usually follow politics in depth.


“Psychic”, San Fran Nan?

Alright. I’m going semi-live with this.

Use your psychic powers, Nancy!

So all that stonewalling we saw going on didn’t really happen?

When did she start getting all concerned with the constitution anyway?

Aaaaaaaaaand, it’s time to blame Bush again. *sigh.*

I voted against James Lankford in the primary, but he seems like a pretty good guy anyway.

It’s unfortunate how much blood dancing there is on both sides of the isle. Brian Terry’s death sucks. But, that’s not the primary issue at hand.

Heh. John Dingell just said “ATM” instead of “ATF”.

If CSpan’s call-in commenters are any indication, “appalled” is the magic word today.

For a little while there, I was afraid that it would come down to a straight, party-line vote. So far, I’m seeing twelve democrat “yea”s. Color me shocked!

I don’t see this as a partisan issue at all. Statements were made. Later, they were edited as having been false. What more do you need to know?

How many votes are necessary, anyway?

Looks like it passed.

Demos still blaming Bush.

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