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Phlegmmy wrote about shoes being connected to personality and then my lovely wife followed suit. Today, I’m wearing a cream colored pair of vintage Tony Llamas with brown lizard wingtips and riding heels. What do my shoes say about me anyway? So, I did a Google search and wound up taking this quiz on Seventeen. It said that it was a personality test based on shoes, but it also asked about dresses and makeup, which is stuff that I don’t really participate in. Weird. Anyway, the results say “I’m Style Savvy!” Which, I guess is pretty true. The longer personality description is as follows:

You’ll try anything once! This applies to your footwear and your life. You know what you like, for instance a wedge in the summer and some kitten heels in the winter, but are also willing to try something more daring when called for. Loving the spiked boot trend? You’re already hitting the mall for a new pair. If it doesn’t work out, you know you’ll always have your go-to shoe styles to fall back on.

Wait. A wedge? Kitten heels? Spiked boot? I think Seventeen thinks I’m a cross-dresser. 😕 Maybe I should have taken the shoe personality quiz on 247Girl instead.

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3 thoughts on “Internet Shoe Meme

  1. Wore a pair of those in 70’s,,,still have a pominto cheese color kangerroo with wingtip i wear occasionally,,some body repairs got me out of boots after about 40yrs of wearing them,,,i think they are cool…Wearing a pair of lace up wingtips
    these days,,fell like boots with no tops or heels fro riding(which i don’t handle anymore) enjoy

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