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At SHOT show, CCI unveiled their newest .22lr loading, “Quiet“. For some time now, I’ve been a major fan of their CB Caps for target practice, new shooters, and small game.* The CBs are a .22 Short case loaded with a 29-grain lead round nose bullet with an advertised velocity of 710-fps, although they have chronographed at 620-650 fps out of quite a few guns that I’ve tested with barrel lengths ranging from 4-inches to 26-inches. Out of a 26-inch barreled bolt-action, this loading is quieter than the very action of the gun. My Winchester M69A has a track impressed in the sides of its 5-round magazine that is intended to guide the cartridge by its rim, and it feeds these quite reliably. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve fired this combination in front of other people only to have them proclaim that they have air rifles that are louder.

The most obvious reason I like the CB Caps is the fact that they are so very quiet. Hearing protection is silly when the sound produced is less than what you experience driving down the road. Thus, new shooters can hear instructions given in a speaking voice. Even as gentle as it is on the ears, it packs enough destructive power at the receiving end to very reliably dispatch rodents. I’ve used this very combination for reliable one shot drops on both rabbit and squirrel at ranges between ten and forty yards. The .22 Shorts work very nicely in bolt actions and our little S&W 617, and a tube mag fed .22 can accept about a jillion of the things! However, I haven’t been able to get them to feed from the magazines of our 10/22s or my dad’s Ruger pre-Mark.

CCIs .22 Quiet mitigates this particular flaw by giving us a loading very similar to the CB, but in a full-sized .22lr case. Instead of a 29 grain bullet, they’ve loaded up a standard 40-grain bullet, but the advertised velocity is the same 710-fps. The additional 38% mass should make for more penetration at longer distances, which should be good for bigger small game than the rodents that I’ve been shooting. Even better than that, these should feed in the 10/22 and pre-Mark. I’m sure they won’t work the actions, but being able to feed them through the action manually is acceptable to me. This basically extends the utility that I’ve gotten out of my Winchester to the Rugers in the house.

Needless to say, I’ve been looking for the stuff since I first heard of it, and nobody has had any. In fact, in response to me asking about it, most of the ammo counter guys have countered with, “You mean Subsonic?” And then, I’ve had to explain to them that this was a completely different loading, brand new on the market in fact. Yesterday, Jennifer and I stopped in to Academy to get her an Okc Thunder t-shirt to wear at work. I simply can’t walk into that store without taking a look around at the merchandise. We strolled down the ammo isle and noted the prevalence of Hornady Zombie-Max ammunition.

We were about to turn and leave when I heard Jennifer squeal and point to the shelf. I looked but could barely believe my eyes when I saw the little blue boxes labeled CCI .22 Quiet. They had not yet even tagged the shelf, and it appeared that they had been shoved in with the ‘other weird .22 stuff’. They had 12 boxes of 50 on the shelf, but we fixed that. I’m not sure exactly when we’re going to make it out to the range, but expect a full report.** If this stuff does everything I expect it to, it will quickly become among my most favorite of calibers. The CB Caps have become one of my favorites even within their limited usefulness.

*For those antis that claim firearms to be compensation for genital insecurities, what does it mean that one of my favorite calibers is less than 3/4-in long, less than 1/4-in in diameter, and is inherently so quiet?

**If any of you have a chronograph and would like to come and help with testing, you would be quite welcome – just email me or notify in comments. I want to measure velocity and decibel level of several loadings through several different guns for the sake of argument. It would be neat to figure out a way to do a relative test of penetration as well.

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6 thoughts on “CCI .22 Quiet

  1. “*For those antis that claim firearms to be compensation for genital insecurities, what does it mean that one of my favorite calibers is less than 3/4-in long, less than 1/4-in in diameter, and is inherently so quiet?”

    It means you’re so hung that your drinking buddies call you “tripod” and you are trying to play down your endowments so that women will stop swooning over you.

    Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

  2. I have lots of trouble locating any .22 ammo other the Long Rifle in my area. I did manage to get 1 box of 50 .22 shorts, which cost the same as a box of Winchester 555. Just under $20.00 However my old Sears Ranger/Savage 29A is already extremely quiet shooting standard velocity .22 LR with the shorts it sounds like my kids airsoft rifles. If more stores would carry shorts, longs CB caps and BB caps at reasonable prices I would purchase a lot more and be shooting a lot more. However have you tried the Eley .22 Subsonic rounds in your 10-22? If I remember correctly it is a 50 grain bullet with the same powder load as a .22 short. I fired some a few years ago and I could hear the click of the action and a sort of whooshing sound, that was it. I haven’t seen the Eley ammo in several years so I don’t know if they still manufacture it.

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