The Itch Is Back

I’ve found that every once in a while, I get an “Itch.” This is when I feel a grinding urge to spend money – usually money I don’t have. I have several responses to this. The initial response is to try to figure out how to pay for whatever it is that I’m wanting. The second, more sensible response is to try to ignore this feeling until I can get over it and go back to life as usual. The third response, which is kind of a split between the two, is to make a plan on how I can subsidize the cost in the future – i. e. save pennies and eventually get whatever it is that I’m pining after.

Every once in a while, I get the new car itch. There is a specific version of this itch that comes around which is the Sports Car Itch. Thus far, I’ve been able to keep that one under wraps. Analogous to the aforementioned master/slave itch would be the New Gun/Military or Military-Style Gun Itch. Recently, I’ve been feeling the latter half of that one quite a bit. Last weekend, the wife and I were lurking around the local pawn shop, and there was a beautiful M1 Garand on the rack for what may as well be a million dollars right now. Gorgeous! I’ve never wanted a period 30-06 so badly before! Of course, something else that has recently come back to mind is my shelved, Siamese Mauser project…

I posted about this about fifteen months ago. I shelved the project due to lack of funds – and the will to spend that kind of money on a project in which I didn’t really know what I wanted anyway. Now, I’m wanting a big-bore rifle more than ever before!


And, this looks like a darned fine start!


I’ve been once again looking at stocks on the intertoobz. I have been thinking about the conversations that I’ve had with local gunsmiths about reworking an action for 45-70, converting the bolt-handle, and grinding the sucker for a scope base and new sights. So far, I’ve been able to ward off the urge to look at barrels. I’m afraid that’s a losing battle. I don’t have the money to sink into this project right now, and the price of feeding the beast would put the last nail in the coffin, but still… I’ve got this taunting me!


I’ve been putting it off for a while, and I just don’t see how I can continue to put it off indefinitely. When I finally jump into this with both feet, I don’t want to cut corners. I want to do it (or have it done) right. I want to be able to pay a little extra for better wood for the stock, and I want to go with a very high-quality barrel for it. I don’t mind shooting iron sight at first, but I see this thing wearing a scope before all is said and done.

Maybe now that I’ve got all that off my chest, I can go back to life as usual… I can hope, anyway.

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