Yet Another Reason

I don’t shop at Wal-Mart. It is my humble opinion that the Walton kids move these stores into communities with the intent of destroying local industry. Additionally, they tend to stock sub-standard products. I don’t feel like supporting such things. If they swung back to the original business model of stocking all U.S.-made products at a fair price, I would likely give them my business again. But, here‘s a reason not to patronize their stores that I had never considered. From the linked article:

A man said he reached down to pick up a stick lying in the gardening aisle of a Wal-Mart in Idaho, only to discover that it was a rattlesnake that then bit his hand.

Wow. I’ve never actually seen a live rattlesnake outside of a zoo. I’m not sure how I would react to being bitten by a rattlesnake in a warehouse store. I would pay money to have seen the look on the guy’s face when it happened. I have to imagine that it was a combination of pain, fear, and “WTF?!?!”. Anyway, beware sticks in gardening isles. Or any unexpected sticks for that matter. Surprise sticks may not be sticks at all. And if they rattle at you, be ever more wary.

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4 thoughts on “Yet Another Reason

  1. Snakes have the unfortunate ability to find their way into places they are not wanted, venomous or not. Wal-mart isn’t the only store to have had venomous snakes appear inside nor the only ones to have customers bitten. I had three senior centers (each in different counties and two in the middle of cities) find a snake inside their buildings over a period of 25 years. All non-venomous fortunately but they sure stirred things up.

    If you ain’t going where snakes can be found, you ain’t going nowhere. Of course, staying at home isn’t an option either. Lots of folks have found snakes in their homes. Including venomous ones. ☺

    • I’m sure you’re right. Between our cats, I’m not sure we’d know if a snake ever got in our house. We’ve always had garters and rat snakes in the yard, but I have yet to see a rattler in the wild. Seems kind of odd – I’ve always expected to run into them. I suppose it is true that they are way more scared of us than we are of them. I bet you senior centers were absolute pandamonium!

  2. I’ve run across plenty of snakes in the wild, while jogging or hiking, and will usually stop and let the critter mosey on its merry way before I continue (or, back in the jogging days, would break my pace and either skip-step so my next step didnt’ land on the thing, or take a long hop-step to get over it)…after all, I’m in its home. I’ve only run into one rattler, though, out at Enchanted Rock, Texas, and the other folks in the church singles group forced me to leave the area before I could swap to my long lens and get pictures of it, darn them. Heh. While out Geocaching once, in a neighborhood park, I spent an hour tromping around one section of wooded area next to a stream, hunting for this darn cache (by myself, so triangulating wasn’t the easiest, especially due to the trees and overcast skies…turns out the cache was next to the stream, but had been washed away the night before in the rain. Nice.)…and was followed, the entire time, by a 6-ish foot blacksnake. Curious little guy, just watching to see what the crazy human was up to…and what sort of field-mice I’d stir up. Bob (hey, he had to have a name!) and I parted on good terms. Beautiful snake, though!

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