LOL Whut?

For some time now, I’ve been carrying a Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G. I’ve really enjoyed the utility and flexibility of the Android OS, and the slide out keyboard sets this phone apart from many of its competitors. There came a point in time that I wanted it to do more than its software would allow, even though it was obvious that the hardware was capable. It came time to root it. Once it was rooted, the automatic updates no longer worked, but the phone still tried. Thus, custom roms. I’ve been sticking with hacked ‘stock’ roms for the most part. The second to last one knocked out my root permissions though. As odd as that was, the most recent update was the fix. And it reset everything on the phone. I had to recover all of my backed up apps and data as best I could. I lost email addresses and phone numbers. I lost my own son’s phone number, for crying out loud!

One recent Sunday morning, Jennifer and I were trying our best to locate Teen Bot without much luck. I decided to text him to try and find him. This is when I discovered that I no longer had his number. No, I don’t have it memorized. This is why I saved it in my phone. Anyway, Jennifer gave me his number at that point. I had just gotten it programmed in when he popped up right in front of us. Fine. My phone went back to my pocket. Fast forward to yesterday…

Teen Bot went to Wednesday night church with his girlfriend. He was supposed to contact us when he was out of church. We didn’t hear from him when we expected to. So, I again decided to start with the texting deal. The following text exchange occurs:

Me: “What is the news?”

Response: “Looking for oche?”

Me: “I don’t kinow what that means.”

Response: “Who dis”

At this point, I’m starting to get irritated at my kid thinking that he’s acting cute.

Me: “IT’S YOUR DAD!!!”

Response: “Vic”

Me: “Where are you?”

Response: “Who is this?”

Now is when I double checked and discovered that I had entered the wrong phone number for my son.

Not my kid: “Stop textn me”

Me: “Sorry. Wrong number. :(”

Response: “Ur fine.”

Needless to say, Jennifer and I got quite the laugh out of that one. I hope the other guy found it equally funny.

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  1. Having to re-program new numbers in sucks. Last month I got a new Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G as an upgrade with Sprint. Saturday, while visiting friends who live on a lake in Central Arkansas I dropped it out of my pocket while leaning over to untie the pontoon boat. Down it went into about 35 ft of water. After a 50 mile drive into Conway to buy another I’m now putting all my info into the new one. Worst part was e-mailing all my friends and family to ask them to send me their phone numbers since I did not have a list outside of my phone. AND yes, I had to tell them why I was needing their phone numbers again.

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