Good Times

I revealed earlier that there was some disappointment last weekend. On Monday, MattG, Lawdog, and Phlegmmy came back through to pick up cars and continue on home. The last couple of winters have been sufficient to cycle the peach pits, and although our last peach tree died, there were quite a few sprouts in the yard this spring. Last summer was brutal enough that it killed all but one of the peach sprouts. The reason this works into the story is that we’ve been looking for homes for peach trees. Lawdog and Phlegmmy took three of them and MattG took one home as well.

MattG is insane, by the way. It sounds as though he took off exactly enough time to make the NRA Con. As in, the limiting factor for his arrival at my place on Friday was when he could get off work, and the determining point on when he had to get back home was when his next shift started. So on Monday, he had just enough time to exchange pleasantries, take a red Solo cup full of peach sprout, shoehorn himself into his Civic clown style, and split. Phlegmmy and Lawdog had places to be and puppies to pick up, but at least had enough time that we got to grab a late lunch with them. The food was pretty good, but the company was great! As much as I always appreciate our group get togethers with the bloggers and enough hardware to take over a banana republic, sitting down to a meal just the four of us was a rare treat. We got to enjoy the NRA Con vicariously, and Lawdog tells me that I need to have a booth next year. *sigh* Trade shows are so expensive! Who knows, maybe I’ll be moving enough cash to justify it by this time next year.

Schutenfest was an insane amount of fun, but I’m really looking forward to Phlegmfest. It’s so nice to just sit around and chat. It’s nearly impossible to replicate that experience on the firing line. Unfortunately. Perhaps I should invest more in silencers. Although they wouldn’t work very well on my ported, Magnum revolvers. Perhaps I should invest in a Nagant revolver and put a can on that. But, that’s a tangent of its own. Besides that, the shooting tends to be distracting beyond the noise associated with it. And that’s probably a good thing.

Moving forward, the weather looks pretty good for this weekend so far. We’re still up in the air on whether we’re going to try to make it to Borepatch’s deal. On Sunday, I was able to sight in my bow for twenty, thirty, forty, and fifty yards. I’m here to tell you, fifty yards looks a lot shorter through rifle sights! However, I was able to plant a four-shot group within a dinner plate sized group at that distance. If it hadn’t been so windy, I bet it would have been tighter than that. There are wild creatures that are in more peril now than they were last week. Unfortunately, Jennifer did something mysterious to wrench her back and has been appropriately pathetic since. I took her to the witch doctor chiropractor on Tuesday and she seems to be getting better, but the jury is still out as to whether she’ll be in shotgunning condition by Saturday. I have my doubts that she’ll be up for a full-blown blogshoot though. Additionally, if we can’t get our hands on a car that burns less oil, I don’t see making the drive.

Between meeting with friends on Monday, Taking Jennifer to the doctor on Tuesday, and Teen Bot’s state testing on Friday, I’m not getting much done this week. I’ve actually gotten a whole lot more done than I thought I would though. And I’ve got an engine to rebuild next week. I coveted MattG’s beat up Civic over the weekend. It shouldn’t take very long to overhaul the Tactical Assault Compact Sedan. If we’re lucky I bet we can pull it off in two days. Worst case scenario, I imagine we’ll have it back together by the weekend. We’ve got to get it back together so we can go meet up with our remote friends!

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5 thoughts on “Good Times

  1. Man sounds like you folks are running life at full tilt; something I know a little about :)

    I hope you folks can make it down for the Dallas Blogshoot; we’ll definitely miss you if you can’t.

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