Bummed but Optimistic

Minutes ago, Lawdog, Phlegmmy, and MattG left my home. They stopped by to rub it in and make me jealous consolidate cars on their way to the NRA Convention. They arrived within minutes of each other and stood and chatted on the front sidewalk just long enough to make me remember how much I’ve missed my friends.

I’d like to blame my lack of trying to make the con on finances. But, cash flow is the best it has been since I started working for myself, and I’ve got friends and family in the area that would totally let my family crash with them if we hoofed it out. Honestly, I don’t really know why we didn’t make more of an effort to go. But, it’s probably good that we didn’t, seeing as how we’ve got a car with a blown engine. *Sigh.*

However, as long as the weather holds, Jennifer and I are still planning on going out to hunt turkeys this weekend, just the two of us, so that’s exciting! I was really looking forward to Teen Bot coming with us, but he hasn’t shown much interest in learning to shoot shotgun yet. Maybe this weekend will be a driving factor in him actually learning to shoot it. We’re pitching a tent in our favorite Sooper Seekrit Location tonight, so we can hike up to our already set up blind in the dark before dawn. We have snacks and drinks set aside as well as three shotguns and a bow. Which reminds me, I haven’t posted a follow up to my archery post. I expect we’ll pattern the shotguns this afternoon and generally enjoy each other’s company. In case of hogs, we’ll have a couple of big-bore pistols at the ready.

But, I don’t think the hogs have been on the property for a little while now. People who know more about it might not agree with me, but it is my belief that the hogs ran off the coyotes and the big cats ran off the hogs. We’re seeing less and less of big cats (haven’t seen one of the cougar tracks in quite a few weeks), although the bobcats are still around, and the deer population seems to be coming up again. I’m definitely looking forward to October 1 when deer archery starts along with Fall turkey and rabbit seasons!

We’re supposed to meet up with Lawdog and Phlegmmy on Monday when they come back through town for a meal at the local South American restaurant. Mmmmmm! When I first mentioned this place to Lawdog, his ears perked up and he announced that they would be visiting. We’ve been there with other bloggers before, and have been looking forward to sharing it with more of our friends. I really do want to try their entire menu eventually, but I’m so hooked on their diablo shrimp entree that I haven’t made much headway in that regard. It’s hot and shrimpy and wonderful.

So to recap, I’m jealous and pouty that we aren’t going to the NRA Con this year. We’ll definitely be probing our Houston contacts about next year’s con. Although I’m upset that we won’t make the con, I’m really stoked about our hunting trip. If I see a turkey, I expect we’ll have turkey dinner soon. Wish us luck! I haven’t seen my engine rebuild kit come in yet, but the car seems to be limping along okay, even if it does go through about half a quart of oil for each gallon of gas it burns. Oh, and it misses like crazy since all that oil has so badly fouled the iridium spark plugs. It’s times like these that I really regret not having a second vehicle. It shouldn’t be long before we can address this issue and more though. To all of you going to St. Louis this weekend, have fun and take lots of pics!

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2 thoughts on “Bummed but Optimistic

  1. Good luck!

    Turkeys are by far the wiliest and most difficult prey I’ve ever hunted. But, at least when hunting them you have something to do if you brought a call. YouTube some videos on calling in the big toms with a box or scratch awl, and if you’re really well camouflaged and really stinkin’ quiet, you might get a shot.

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