AutoMaker Restructuring

A charismatic, major world leader, who came to leadership through a campaign of change, nationalized a domestic auto manufacturer and dictated that they need to build more fuel-efficient cars that the common man can easily afford. He specified how these cars should be constructed and that they should do this restructuring for the good of the people, the economy, and for the country overall. He ostracized the company’s head executive in the process.

Sound familiar? Keep reading.

The auto manufacturer was instructed to build a car that would carry five people, get 33-mpg, could easily cruise public highways and stay well within the budget of the average household. He suggested that they call this new car “People’s Car.”

In the short term, this led to a new car company, run by the national government, which produced many military and civilian vehicles. They were well-built cars that were ultimately built in several countries and driven the world over. They were produced in several different body and engine configurations.

Over the course of the next 75-years, this automotive manufacturer developed and produced hundreds of thousands of cars that many drivers own and love.

What car am I talking about? Not Ford. Not Chrysler. Not General Motors.

This one.

What world leader am I referring to? Not the one you initially thought.

This one.


Change you can believe in?

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  1. I’m not in a hurry to come out and call the POTUS a fascist. I really hope that he’s just incompetent, and comes off wrong. Still, if I didn’t want to be compared to a fascist, I would make decisions to not act like one – but that’s just me.

    I know! Isn’t the revolving header cool? I need to tweak some more/different images in it. I’m thinking about adding text to some of the existing images.


  2. Yeah. I’d have to set up a space, dig out the tripod and lighting, take the pics and weed through them, find a moment to get on the computer to upload the winners, crop, and code. That takes longer than a few minutes around here. If you have a photo studio set up in your place, I tip my hat to you. And, I would have to ask why we haven’t seen more photos from you?!?


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