Scandium Fever

I’ve been cataloging a lot of different gun models in a workbook that I’ll use for business purposes. This has of course whetted my appetite for new guns. I wonder if this is a valid price for this product.

Six hundred, fifty bucks seems a little low for a hurt-your-handium S&W in today’s economy, and I could just almost come up with that kind of scratch. I don’t have a snubby and really need* one. I’d really like a light weight Magnum model, and the 360 would fit the bill quite well. Then again, had I the bucks, I’d be tempted to save up the additional $220 and go with the no-lock, no-hammer version**.

And, I had no idea they were making this beauty.

DO WANT!!!!! I’ve shot the 25-oz 329PD before, and found it to be quite unpleasant. The so-called Snubby From Hell hits with a lot harder recoil than the .44, and in so crosses a line beyond unpleasant and comes back around to entertaining. To me, anyway. But I’m a recoil masochist. The 329PD leaves the experience somewhere in the just unpleasant territory by contrast. I find my 48-oz, 6.5-inch M29 to be very pleasant to shoot but not much fun to carry around. The long sight radius and the velocity from the long tube make it a viable shooter at longer distances. Heh. My revolver thinks it’s a carbine. But, it’s the factory engraved model and I won’t put it in a holster. It’s as awkward to lug around as a rifle without a sling. It really is a range queen.

The above mentioned XL Hunter, however… At 33-oz, it pretty well splits the difference between the just unpleasant 329PD and my lugubrious M29. I wouldn’t feel bad about stuffing it in a holster, and it would run around the farm with me. That thing would kill anything in Oklahoma and a few surrounding states. It was very well made as a hunting handgun. I’ve been wanting a .44 Mag that I could carry in the woods with a clear conscience, and I think I’ve found it. I was thinking stainless, but the fully-lugged 6.5-inch scandium model might be even better. I tried to call the local merchant of death to find out what this baby retails for, but they didn’t answer. I know they’ve been very busy lately though. Perhaps I’ll chat up my gun selling buddy and see what he can work out for me…

Now see, this is what always happens. There’s a gun I really need but there’s this other gun that I kind of need but want more badly. What will eventually happen is I’ll get the one that I really don’t need as much. *sigh* Maybe I could just get a cheaper .38 instead of the Magnum and then also the .44. At the risk of sounding like a pathetic beggar, if anyone feels like playing Santa, I wouldn’t refuse a donated gun***. You know, in the name of science. Or something. Also, Ruger’s 10/22 TD is freaking sweet and I want one three. IMHO, that’s how the 10/22 should have always been.

*No, seriously. I sell more holsters for snubbies than anything else, including 1911s or Glocks. I kind of owe it to my customers to get a snub that I can wear for the purpose of R&D.

**Yes, I know it has a hammer internally. But, “no-lock, no-external-hammer” doesn’t have quite as nice a ring to it. And I know that flag removal is pretty easy, but I’d prefer to not have to remove parts of my gun to make it suitable for defensive purposes.

***My birthday is in August, FWIW. 😉

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One thought on “Scandium Fever

  1. A word of warning about the Scandium frame, the pistol WILL heat up and lock up due to dis-similar metal issues…

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