Boomsticks Forever – Modular Stocks

I just got my Werewolf stock in from Boomsticks Forever.

Oh. Emm. Gee.

Pics are pending. I’m a walnut and blue steel kind of guy, but this powder-coated and Kydex-clad stock had me at ‘hello’ as soon as I opened the envelope. Yeah, walnut? I don’t need any walnut on my shotgun anymore. I’m going to have to fabricate an adapter block, and purchase some other pieces. In fact, the conversion is going to wind up costing about what I’ve got in the gun up to this point. But, it will be worth it.

If you want a good skeletonized stock to install as a folder on your AK47 pattern rifle, or any number of other guns for that matter, please don’t forget about this option. It’s more expensive than wacky tacky plastic, but it’s a whole lot more solid. You can expect to hear more about these things from me.

I also received my new Chicago screws and my flat dark earth and tactical pink thread. It has been a busy day in the receiving department today!

To nosy regulatory busy-bodies: I bought this with my own money and didn’t agree to review it here. It just struck me enough that I had to say something to my readers.

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7 thoughts on “Boomsticks Forever – Modular Stocks

  1. Waaaay off topic! Your famous!!!! I just read the article in Conceal Carry Magazine! How cool! Not that I needed a magazine article to know how good your holster’s are, just saying!

    • Wish me luck. I had to set that aside for a little bit because I was getting frustrated over geometry. If I can ever get it on there, it will be seriously cool.

    • LOL! The funniest part is that I was just fine with my house gun being a hacked down pump with a tritium bead and a mag extension, wood furniture and all. Then, I decided to mount a flashlight on it. It all went downhill from there. 😀

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