Smoking Blunder

I have not much weighed in on these buffoons. If you don’t know who I’m referring to, count yourself lucky. Nobody should. I have made my stance on trolls very clear. Don’t feed them. Although I am proudly friends with LawDog, and agree with his general sentiment. Um, make that sentiments… I think he’s giving them way too much attention. Don’t give them the attention. That’s what they’re after. If you keep sending them traffic, they win. LawDog, thank you for not linking, BTW.

It pains me that I had to find out about this delicious piece of parody from my wife instead of from its author. Go and read. I’ll wait. Bring tissues as you’ll laugh yourself to tears. Although the genius behind the smack and I are familiar, he did not include me in his email announcement on the new website. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he didn’t want to bother me with the issue as I had not yet weighed in on it. The reason I had not weighed in is because I didn’t think I had anything of value to offer. Regardless, well played, sir! That is some epic parody there. There are so many man hours in this work, and it is so well done! You should win an award.

I kind of wish I had come up with the parody website myself. I couldn’t think of anything to say about these morons that would make a point without drawing attention to them. But, smoking blunder does it quite well. Good job and keep up the good work!



That , as they say, is all.

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