Holster Malfunction

The modular soulder rigs I build are pretty much entirely held together with Chicago screws.  One of these I made for Daniel S to fit his massive .44 Magnum.  A couple weeks ago he emailed me saying that one of the screws had fallen out.  He asked that I replace the missing fastener and loctite all of them.  Not a problem.  We’d been planning a get together for feral hog hunting for some time.  I told him I’d take care of it then. 

Fast forward to now.   He and I are sitting in a blind, waiting for pork.  That’s not the funny part though.  As I sat down next to him, I felt a *SNAP* under my coat as my shoulder rig came apart.  I felt the gun from my right side slide around to my back.  Oh no.  Looking down, I saw the little screw fall to the ground.  I don’t know what hapened to the post – it has disappeared.  I’ve been using that rig regularly for well over a year now without issue.  I think Daniel S may be bad luck for Chicago screws!

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