Antis – What is wrong with them?

Stranger links to Sebastian who posts about the crazy anti-gun lady that everyone is going on about. I’m not going to post a link, nor will I put her name here. What little traffic I get, I will not share with her. She’s definitely unhinged and out of touch, and pretty much an idiot. Even so, don’t feed the freaking trolls! Until now, I’ve been very careful to not pay her any attention. I was going to post a comment on her thing about this, but I didn’t want to use my Google ID, and I don’t have any of that other stuff (OpenID, TypePad, etc.). This actually works better, because I’m far better off publishing my comments here rather than giving her free material to generate more discussion and traffic with.

She links to TTAG and throws quite a tissy about this picture, which he embedded:

Not black, stupid. Just undead.

Why is it that the antis have this cute little way of never listening to reason? She started out certain that the picture in question was racist in origins, proving that gunnies have sinister motivation. When commenter, Anthony, gives irrefutable evidence (in the form of this link) that she was being ignorant and silly, the response is basically that being against zombies is just as bad.

… :/

I’m almost surprised that she didn’t accuse her commenter of setting up that website himself just to make her look bad.

Soooooooo, you’re NOT wrong because you can’t be wrong because you decided that you were going to be right in advance. Is that about the size of it?

I don’t think she would publish my comment anyway, but that’s okay. I would challenge her and those like her to be slightly more open-minded. I could probably get anyone who is interested in bashing freedom, contact with some good, knowledgeable people in their local area who could teach them about guns and help them better understand gun culture and gun safety so they won’t make such mistakes. It will give a lot more credit to the anti-gun agenda at the very least. As it stands, this is just making us all look bad. And seriously – why are we even still paying any attention to this harpy anyway? Heaven help us if she ever learns of this video:

We’d never be able to explain that! 😛 I’ve been looking for an excuse to embed that one for years!

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3 thoughts on “Antis – What is wrong with them?

  1. I can only guess who you might be referencing and she is an idiot. I don’t understand people like her. Even when I was “anti” gun, I was never a total moron. I never just made crap up to support my beliefs and I was never for changing the Constitution. I was misguided for sure and uneducated about the facts, but she can claim neither. It’s maddening because she and her group are using the gun issue to gain power and control over of a people and they are endangering lives along the way.

    It’s possible I might have strong feeling on this subject:)

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