Five Most Wanted?

Robb Allen gives this challenge. Money or usefulness not being an object, what five guns would I get? Easy.

#5 – Pocket cannon. These things are somehow even dumber and cheaper than a NAA Mini, but it would be soooo fun to have one! At $30, I honestly don’t know why I haven’t bought one yet.

#4 – Mateba Unica 6 Autorevolver. I must admit that I am a sucker for weird guns. Maybe it’s a little sci-fi fanboy of me to want one of these abominations. At least I didn’t say Desert Eagle! 😛

#3 – Beretta UGB25 XCEL 12-gauge shotgun. And frankly, even though it comes with a 28 or 30-inch barrel, I’d probably hack it down to around 22-inches. (Hey, this is my money-no-object fantasy here, and I’m making this up as I go along.) For those of us who believe breach loading your house gun is a more useful option than recharging a tube mag, a semi-auto with a single round magazine hanging off the right-hand side of the gun sounds like a sweet proposition for a home defense scattergun!

#2 – GE GAU-8/A 30mm. Even thinking outside of the realm of usefulness or affordability, this one stays pretty ludicrous as on option to own, which is why it didn’t make first place.

And so…

#1 – Ma Deuce, baby! That’s right, kids. Normal people get a Rolex when they’ve finally ‘made it’ in life. Not me. Imma buy me a M2 Browning machine gun. Hellz yeah! This truly is my Holy Grail gun.

Yeah. In fact, if I could have one and only one any gun designed by John Moses Browning, it would have to be his beautiful M2. You can keep your 1911. All joking aside, this list would probably be completely different from day to day (and yet, a Registered Magnum didn’t make today’s list somehow) with the exception of the .50 Cal.

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