The Shifter on the Car

You both read me whining the other day about the state of the car. As I said in that post, I did get the battery taken care of. I meant to work on the car yesterday, but as my lovely wife pointed out, the weather was freaking awful! So, I put that crap off until today.

The deal with the shifter cracked me up! The boy and I hopped into the car this afternoon, and tore into the center console to see what the heck was going on with the shifter linkage. As it turns out, there was a little chunk of plastic that had broken off of the bottom side of the cup holder, and fallen into the little well where the shifter rod resides. The cup holder wasn’t lacking any rigidity or security because of the loss of that plastic, but the chunk of plastic was impeding the travel of the shifter rod. We simply threw away that chunk of plastic and put everything back together. Problem solved! I still need to address the exhaust hanger business, and we need to work it into the body shop, but other than that, the car is tip-top.

It has ~105,000-miles on it, and it’s been a great car. The old Nissans that we have had have been good cars, but not nearly this bullet-proof. If it were not for the experience of owning this one, I would not have believed it. At the rate it’s taking wear, it should have no trouble doing the third-of-a-million-miles, like our BMW did. Not bad for a French car (apparently, Nissan is owned by Peugeot)! Don’t get me wrong – I miss my Hondas, but this Sentra may just be a keeper.

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4 thoughts on “The Shifter on the Car

  1. Sadly, the older wiser version of your car has hit a bump in the road and requires a bit more work than tossing a piece of plastic. Life teaches you lessons. One of which is never let your friend’s brother drive anything you own. Apparently the water temperature gauge pegged on the “H”, isn’t enough of a signal that something is wrong. Instead, the subsequent knocking and eventual death of the engine convinced above mentioned bonehead to pull over.

    All is not lost though. A new to me engine can be had for a few Franklins. However, it will have to wait until we get time to take care of it.

  2. Yeah. There are levels of anger that would cause me. I like the indentured servant idea. It sounds like a pretty good plan to me.


  3. I’m afraid selling is not an option. When you got the human equivalent of a car with no engine or wheels, buyers would be nearly impossible to come by. Since the price of diesel has come down to a more livable range, I’m driving the truck more these days anyway. Besides, it’s way more fun to drive.

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