My Brother’s Household’s Firearms

I’m so proud!

My brother got a decent tax return this year! We have to pay in, but not much, so the blessings are well-counted. At the end of the year, he used his annual bonus to purchase one of the more traditional Para’s. It’s a single-stack .45 with a 5-inch barrel. The sucker is a real tack driver – like all firearms should be. It will also digest any ammo you put in it – as all firearms should. This has been the only gun in his house since then… until recently.

We acclimated my sister-in-law to shooting by first having her shoot my dad’s Ruger pre-mark .22 pistol. She fell in love with that flukey little thing. She shot my son’s 10/22 rifle, and then Great-Grandma’s .410. After that, she has shot .38 Special from our old M&P, Jenni’s 627, and one of my 586’s. These experiences convinced her that she liked .38 Special.

She has had a hard time with the slide on a semi-auto. She has wanted a handgun of her own that she could enjoy target practice with, but would work well for personal defense if it came down to it. My brother called me on Friday afternoon to tell me that they had picked up a brand-spanking-new S&W M-686 SSR. I am shocked, and somehow not. I’m really impressed that she chose this particular gun. The action is tuned by Smith & Wesson’s Performance Center. She turned her nose up at the Uncle Mike’s grips and the SSR-emblazoned wooden grips that came with the gun, and instead fitted it with a new Hogue Bantam rubber grip.

Then yesterday, he called me to tell me that he had just picked up an old Remington 870 at a local shop. He had been looking at Winchesters for some time, having fallen in love with my Rapture. But, he got frustrated with the availability of the old Winchesters, and found a great example of the Remington. It should serve him well. It’s an old gun in great condition, and he has asked me to cut off the barrel for him. Plans include the tritium bead and a mag tube extension. I can’t wait to run it at the farm! Ooooooo, shotgun goodness!

All in all, my brother is doing a great job arming up the household. I’m looking forward to seeing what other handguns they get, and also what they pick up for rifles. At the rate he’s going, he’ll probably get an AK, since we have AR’s here. You never know. I’m coming to a point in life where I can decide that the decisions I make are right, but if your decisions are different, they can be right too.

If the antis could all understand how much fun shooting can be, they would cease to be antis, and our battle would be over. Let us strive for that.

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  1. The collapsible would also be great for storage and transport! I like wood too much for that, but if you are going plastic anyway, that would be handy.


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