Merry Effing Christmas.

Yeah. So on Christmas Eve Eve, we went to sushi with my parents. That was pretty nice. I seriously loaded up on sushi. The day after, on Christmas Eve, we were at Jennifer’s rents’ house with all the ensuing drama. To my glee, nobody too weird showed up this time. I did get quite a bit of Baby Girl snuggles so that was good. On Christmas day we went to my parents’ place (showed up late due to miscommunication) and stayed until about 11:30 playing Wii. Today, we went to my Aunt’s place. My grandparents showed up, and Grandpa traded quips with Great Aunt Eleanor about who was going to die first. They are 91 and 83 respectively. Yeah. That was cool ‘n stuff. And I got in a fight with my mom and aunt respectively. Unintentionally. Tried to skirt it and not disagree with them. Concerning ADD. And meds. Awkward. I was really trying to be good. I really didn’t disagree with anybody at the table, they just didn’t realize it. And Aunt Eleanor said that she wanted the following song played at her funeral because nobody but NOBODY could cry during this song and there was to be no crying during HER funaral!!!!eleven!!:

This video is a cuter video and fits her personality far better. She’s very funny and charming and has a whole lot of spirit. Yeah, not so much – not a dry eye in the house, actually. I’m glad Christmas is over, and looking forward to the new year. I’m going to have to shoot an email to Aunt Jill saying that I don’t think she’s a bad parent for having her kid on ADD meds. How the crap does this happen anyway?

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5 thoughts on “Merry Effing Christmas.

  1. Family. Gotta love em…then go back home as soon as possible. My favorite part of the Holidays? The day they’re over. No more Christmas music on the radio (seriously…there’s like 12 Christmas songs, which every artist who’s ever plugged in a mic has made “their version” of the same songs, blah blah blah), no more false cheeriness, no more relatives. Done and over. Yay!

  2. It happens. Holidays are stressful on everyone and (no offense to any of the ladies) I think on women more than men.

    My mom always has a breakdown at this time, and my wife is always on edge too. I think it has to do with the whole “perfect holiday” thing even though they aren’t consciously trying to make it all perfect.

    I don’t know. All I know is that my brother is a Christmas Fascist who every year goes on a rant if we do something different than the way it was done when we were kids.

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