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So, I kind of dropped a bomb on my readership a few days ago without knowing what I was at liberty to tell. Firstly, I want to thank all of you who have expressed your congratulations and your virtual fist-bumping. It means a lot to get that kind of positive feedback. So anyway, I talked to the show’s property manager and he told me that I could spill some beans.

I’m making a custom holster for the show In Plain Sight on the USA Network. At first, I thought that this was going to be a prop holster for a new character they were introducing to the show or something like that. But no. It is my understand that this holster is going to be a major plot point and will be a special gift to the main character of the series. We’ll be able to see it on the first episode of the fifth season which will air in the early spring. You had better believe that I’ll DVR the episode! From what I can tell, I won’t necessarily get any time in the credits, but my logo will be visible on film at one time or another.

Funny facts about the holster in question:
1 – I’ve never made a holster for a fictional character before. I’ve done a couple of costume pieces but they were not nearly so specific. Those of you that attended Blogarado 2011 have already seen the vast bulk of those.
2 – Related to the first point, I’m having to build this thing with far less retention than a real-life functional holster as it’s not going to see any real action. The design itself is quite usable for real life even still, I’m just going to wind up stretching the thing out so it works better as a prop with a fake gun in it.
3 – Besides the obvious, the holster is pretty closely based on one owned by one Old NFO whom we all know and love. In fact, they wanted it in natural tan originally but asked if I had any example photos of a paddle holster. When I sent them the pics of Old NFO’s rig, they changed their mind on the color and asked for a brown like his.
4 – The holster is mostly assembled and sitting on my bench in my studio currently, waiting for final approval on font type for the monogramming. They want the protagonist’s initials stamped into the front of the holster. I’ve got one letter set and they haven’t decided whether they want me to use it or another one.
5 – When I designed it, I drafted it as a modular pattern. I didn’t simply draft a paddle holster to fit one Glock model, I drafted a paddle holster type to fit about ten Glock models that would work as well on the street as on screen.

I’m being very careful to not simply provide a prop. I’m making every attempt to provide a great prop that would easily translate to a real-world product. Similarly, these people are getting every bit the customer support as any of my customers. I’m not so much in the business of making sales as making customers. I figure sales will take care of themselves. If this is true of this deal, it could very realistically lead to similar opportunities on other shows. I’m remaining conservatively optimistic and incredibly excited in the meantime.

I wonder if Correia gets any say on props for TV or film adaptations of his work… Perhaps we should petition him… >:D

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11 thoughts on “Follow Up – Explanation of the TV Holster

  1. Gotta agree with falnfenix, with a few more f*bombs thrown in for flavor. That’s frikkin awesome, bro! Never watched any of those shows, but I may have to make a point to catch this one!

    Gotta say, though, that your statement about you not in the business of making sales but of making customers is spot on. If you make a sale, you make that one sale. If you make a customer, you will naturally make that many more sales over the customer’s lifetime, not to mention the free advertising you get when they take their custom holster to the range and proudly answer all the questions of drooling fans eager to find out where they can get one, too. This, unfortunately, is a concept that is no longer taught in business schools, and one of the main reasons why I got out of retail myself (got plenty of long, bitter stories if anyone wants to hear them). Stick with that mindset, bud, and you’ll go far. Very far.

  2. Congrats Michael. If you can please drop a note on here just before air time. I want to see it but I’ll absolutely forget by then. Heck, at my age I’ll probably forget by tomnorrow!

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