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8 thoughts on “Oh Holy Crap!

  1. Now, wouldn’t it be cool if you started making custom stuff for movies and televison? We could all say, “Why, I read his blog back when….” LOL. Hope it brings in business for you!

  2. Awesome!!! Any chance you can mention which “popular television show” for those of us who don’t watch TV except for special occasions (like when our IQ is getting way too high and needs to be lowered)?

  3. @Don – Not that I know of, but there will be some close-ups that prominently show my logo. So, there’s that.

    @NPR – Thank you sir! I’ve got email coming your way, BTW.

    @Joseph – It would be incredibly cool. You can’t buy advertisement like reputation.

    @falnfenix – Seriously! And thanks!

    @MSgtB – I do appreciate that.

    @RabidAlien – Yes, actually – I cleared it with them. The show is called In Plain Sight. I’ll be writing a blog entry with more details soon.

    @Old NFO – Thank you! Incidentally, it’s based on YOUR holster. LOL!

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