Damnit, Tam!

So almost a month ago, Tam did her tab clearing thing again and included a link to this thread on the ifish forum. She warns us that it is a time sink, and she is not exaggerating in the least. I highly recommend this content! I let FoxVox read the whole 28 pages, or some sixteen-hundred posts, to me over the course of a week, as I worked on holsters. I laughed, I cried, The hair stood up on my neck more than once, and I was thoroughly entertained. I also picked up a new minor hobby.  Even though I don’t fish, I registered as a user on their forum because of that thread alone.

You know how you get your major hobbies that are going to demand a lot of investment on your part? If you are coming to this little corner of the interwebtron, shooting sports would be a good example. If you have any less than $10,000.00 invested in your shooting gear, you aren’t done yet. Can you ever actually get too much range time or too much training? I’ve had people invite me to go golfing before, and had to tell them that I can’t afford two major hobbies. It simply demands too much money and too much time for it to be feasible to have more than one hobby in this class. I don’t give my guns the attention they deserve already. There’s no reason to any further distract from them.  There are tons of hobbies like this, and fishing is another great example.

Minor hobbies on the other hand are more care free. They don’t take the same time dedication or monetary investment. This would be like my non-gunny friends who enjoy going to the range with me on occasion and possibly renting a gun at the range counter. Theirs is a casual affair with firearms, and they are happy if they put any holes in paper at all. (I couldn’t care less whether they can hit the broad side of a barn just as long as they handle the gun safely.) Depending on who you are, this could be anything from playing half-court basketball with a neighbor in the park to playing Farmville, or any other thing that you enjoy that doesn’t take a major commitment. Some of these may eventually develop into a major hobby, or they may cease to be fun and become abandoned for more important or more entertaining things.

The above linked forum thread wound up talking about cryptozoology as a discussion about woods and weirdness inevitably would, and links were provided to other websites. And friends, my new minor hobby is Bigfoot. I’m not saying that I actually believe that there’s a North American Great Woods Ape running around out there. I’m more like the atheist attending church for the less obvious values, like enjoying the music and fellowship. Only in my case, I’m finding the entertainment in Sasquatch. Some of the witness reports are spooky and others are exciting. The classifications and parameters that they’ve defined for this elusive animal are wholly entertaining.

For anyone who does believe in Bigfoot, I don’t mean to belittle or patronize in the least. On the contrary, the arguments and evidence are pretty darned convincing, and that’s part of the appeal to me. Hop over to the Bigfoot Field Research Organization and read some of the witness reports. As a video example:

The above linked video is just a tiny sample of the Patterson video argument, and it is a darned good one.  Do a Google search for more.  I really don’t see any way that it could possibly be a guy in a suit or that it could be a doctored film.  I’m convinced that this is either the most detailed and complicated hoax I’ve ever seen or it’s the real thing.  I’m just not personally ready to make that determination yet.  A giant, bipedal primate living in the woods? Surely not on the continent that brought us the bison, the star-nosed mole and the opossum! Speaking of which, if our own little nocturnal marsupial was a lot smarter, a lot more shy (almost exclusively stuck to the deepest woods), and far fewer in total population, we might have very little evidence that they even exist! Why, they could be on top of ten feet tall and people might still think they were mythical. It’s the combination between the plausibility and excessive inconcievability that makes it such a great fantasy. No, I’m not jumping on the bandwagon with the Bigfoot believers just yet, but I wouldn’t be too terribly shocked to bump into him in the woods one day. Does that make me more like a church-going agnostic? If the BFRO people hold an expedition that’s convenient for me to attend, I might just give it a go. Regardless of the reasoning, I do enjoy being in the woods!

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