Halloween Redux

This year’s was one of the better Halloweens in recent memory. The company was good at several gatherings, there was good food and drinks, good candy, and good people. Usually we don’t really get to do the whole “Halloween party” thing at all, and then it’s just the three of us for the ‘eve itself. I do usually make it a point to carve a pumpkin, and have come out with some pretty good ones over the years past. Many years ago, I bought a small lamp socket fixture thing and a novelty bulb to go in it. Instead of a standard filament, it has a pink-orange glowing skull and crossbones with a green glowing “DANGER” text over it. I’ve integrated this into several jack-o-lanterns for a pretty sweet effect that can’t be blown out by the wind. I decided to break it out this year.

I’ve been trying to get Wee Bot more involved in the planning and administration side of our plans, and this year’s pumpkin was a prime example. I told him that I wanted to put the DANGER bulb in our jack-o-lantern, so it needed to have wide open holes in it for visibility. What I didn’t tell him was that I was thinking about a skull-like theme. That is, until he said that he thought it should look like a skull. I was thinking a toothy mouth that extended nearly half the circumference of the pumpkin, from the equator down to almost the ground level, a notched hole of a nose, and two very open, round eye sockets located largely on top of the head. Here’s what I wound up with:


And the light through the mouth:


And the light through the eye socket:


I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Jennifer and I attended several Halloweenish parties. We went steampunk-like at the Blogorado dress-up thingy, I dressed in a slightly modified steampunk costume for my brother’s and wife’s birthday bash (they’re only two days apart), we went to a school friend’s costume party all gothed out, but what did I dress as for Halloween night? Well, don’t you hate those people that go ‘as themselves’ for Halloween?


I went as an evil robot, of course! There was a lot of grease makeup on me. I didn’t want it to smear, and I wanted to add a little bit of sheen for that plasticy look. So, I used one of my wax-based aerosol leather finishes. It felt really weird and probably gave me lung cancer, but it did give the right look and kept me from smudging all over the place. Well, it was also really hard to wash off.

On the night of, we sat in the front yard around the fire pit, eating chili, giving out candy. I walked around the block with B-I-L and his fiance, Wee Bot, and Baby Girl. Wee Bot and Baby Girl collected copious amounts of candy and were generally worn out by the end of the evening. B-I-L didn’t drink all of our liquor or make a scene with his parents, and everyone went home at an astonishingly early hour.

As we were winding down, the older kids came around. “Did you see what SHE was wearing?” I asked Jennifer, “Her butt was technically covered, but her garter straps were hanging out there. Her parents either need to be slapped around for letting her go out like that or for their lack of observation! They don’t even let girls her age go into the stores where they sell that stuff!” In all fairness, she was probably not a minor, but lied about her age so people wouldn’t hassle her about going door to door. This year, those types at least looked like they could be old enough for that much exposure. It hasn’t been so every year. It was inappropriate in any case. But, if that’s the biggest thing that I’ve got to complain about, it was a good celebration. Girls in slutty costumes will be with us every Halloween. All of our kids looked nice. And, we looked fabulous!

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