Last week, Peter brought attention to a good story concerning a very odd house shoe. I can’t help but get the giggles every time I think about this story. It’s not at all uncommon for people to have one foot slightly bigger than the other. Most of us are close enough from one side to the other that it is not an issue to wear off-the-shelf paired shoes. It is noteworthy that Monster Slippers even accepted a custom order with two different sizes paired. But, because of a misplaced decimal point, the factory made a size 1450 instead of a 14.5? LOL, what? Yeah. They actually built him one size thirteen and one size one thousand, four hundred, fifty. The shop supervisor must have been on vacation that day for the workers to put in the labor and materials for this truly monstrous slipper for the standard price of a human-sized house shoe. I wonder how many bags of poly fill they had to use. I also wonder what kind of special packaging and shipping provisions they had to make. The strangest part is that nobody bothered to contact the customer to clarify the order before they manufactured the bizarre pair. This is yet another reason that I’m not likely to ever sublet manufacture to China unless their manufacturing habits drastically change!

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