Ear Bugs

You ever listen to a song and hear another song in it? Not that the artist sampled a prior recording so much as like a musical phrase that eerily mimics an earlier work. It’s often different enough that you have to wonder whether it was deliberate or subconscious on the part of the composer. Sometimes you don’t even know what the other song was, you just know that you’ve heard that line somewhere else. I had one that was driving me nuts. Jennifer and I listened to the same 15-seconds of this song over and over until I figured it out. Article one:

Pay close attention starting at 5:30 on that one and compare it to this next track, starting particularly at 4:35:

Since it’s Lady Gaga, I’m calling this one an homage. The two songs are even in the same key. It wouldn’t be too hard to edit together a smash-up between them. Now, I can’t very well embed a Lady Gaga video without further comment anymore, can I? So, the following are bonus thoughts for your to munch on. Or should that be bogus thoughts… At any rate, read on at your own risk.

1) Is she playing the girl at the piano and the guy sitting on it? If so, she’s making out with herself there. That is so Lady Gaga.
2) The weird visuals kind of clash with the smooth melody. Not that we should expect any less.
3) It took me seeing the mermaid about four times before it registered that she was topless. They did some impressive makeup there.
4) There were a whole lot of Frankenstein allusions in there. Then again, she is totally playing out the whole ‘Monster’ thing.
5) Still, I’m more a fan of Stephani Joanne Angelina Germanotta‘s marketing genius than any of her other arts. The Lady Gaga videos are put together for shock value to an ADD-riddled audience and her songs are as formulaic as the worst pop I’ve ever been subjected to. The whole package though, the sale on the whole flavor, that right there is artwork.

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3 thoughts on “Ear Bugs

  1. in the Gaga vid, she’s actually both people. the guy is her male alter ego, and according to the internets she accepted an award while dressed as her dude side.

  2. To me, the radio in the truck exists just to help pass the time and help cover the road noise. There are occasional good songs that I look forward to hearing, but for the most part, I never touch the radio. Maybe to turn down the volume when the wife calls, but other than that, its in the dashboard and that’s about as close as I get to it. When a Lady Gaga tune comes on, however, I WILL flip stations for about 10 minutes. Ever notice that the last song you hear before you turn the radio off gets stuck in your head the rest of the day? Yeah. I’ll flip stations to make sure that song isn’t by her. Or him. Or it. Or whatever Lady Gaga is.

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