I have cringed at the poor quality of the snaps that I’ve been able to put my hands on and it shows. I’ve been so resistant to use snaps in my leatherwork, opting for any alternative. Until now. I just received my first order of DOT snaps. These things are U.S.-made and severely overbuilt! Each component is physically made of more material than any of the competitive products. As in, when compared against Tandy’s off the shelf Chinese snaps, the metal has to be twice as thick at least. Initially, I was attempting to find two different sizes in matched snaps that simply wouldn’t rust when I wet the leather for shaping. Everything that I’ve been able to find prior to the DOTs has been cheap stamped steel with a cheap nickle or brass plating. By comparison, the DOTs are solid brass with a plated finish, so they ought to do the job nicely. I’m excited and can’t wait to get to work with them! For those of you who have ordered items with snaps recently, sorry for the wait. I hope this proves to be worth it.

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