What Kind of Gun Should You Get Your Wife?

As Jennifer looked at handguns, in her pursuit for that next carry piece at one time or another, she has occasionally run into that quintessential old timer that thinks she should just stick to a .38 DAO revolver. You don’t have to wander far on the interwebtron to find a forum thread discussing what gun to buy for the wife. My buddy, Instinct is doing it right. He discusses pros and cons of several guns that he and his wife are looking at for her to carry and then sums it up with this gem:

In the end though, it’s her choice so I’m just going to shut up and hand the guy the money.

Smart man. This is a foretelling sign of a long and happy marriage. If she gets the gun she likes, she’ll want to shoot it. The family that shoots together survives the Zombie Apocalypse together.

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2 thoughts on “What Kind of Gun Should You Get Your Wife?

  1. In a nutshell, I took the exact same approach. The only guns I told her I’d veto would be ones I considered unsafe or unserviceable (I wasn’t about to buy her a Lorcin or Jennings) but beyond that, I was just there to pay the bill.

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