My Big Mouth II

I’m making some pretty good progress on the impossible holster already.  I haven’t cut a piece of leather, or laid down one stitch, but I’m still seriously thinking that this could actually be a success.  I’ve done several sketches, and scrawled out the beginnings of a pattern – which in this phase looks more like an X-Ray of the completed piece rather than a plan for it.  Currently, I’m working out curves and textures to make sure that the thing will be as viable as possible in real life.  I feel like I have but one shot at this one (pardon the pun).  It’s going to take so much material, and so many hours of work, that if I fail, I won’t want to try it again.  But if I succeed, I will have earned the bragging rights.

I’m thinking that the holster should be the same red as the suit in question.  It’s starting to look like I’m going to have stitch lines and seamless junctions running in seemingly impossible directions.  For its structure, I’m going to employ some tricks that I’ve used on previous holsters, and some that I’ve only ever thought about before.  That’s not like the wild runnings of random creativity either.  These untested ideas will work.  I know they will.   In form and function, this thing is going to be so very shocking…

I’ll post updates.  Don’t even worry about that.  There will be updates.  If I fail miserably and the thing is garbage, you will know about it.  I’m still optimistic though.  I’ve been told that this can’t be done, but I don’t listen very well apparently.  Wish me continued luck.

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