Well, That Was Different…

Baby Girl’s parents don’t have actual custody of her brother at the moment. However, he did decide to visit them for Fall Break this year. Brother-in-Law asked if we could load up and come to their place for some shooty goodness. They live way out of town, and have several acres at their disposal – all perfectly legal for shooting. Shooting from their back porch is actually a pretty good arrangement, with a creek and natural wooded berm as a backstop. They basically wanted to make the weekend as special and enjoyable as it could possibly be.

So, we got there this evening and set up. It was dark by the time we started shooting, but we had light by the porch light and a nice bonfire. We started with the .22 bolt action, shooting .22 CB Caps. Then the Ruger 10/22. Everyone enjoyed the AR-15, including when I bump fired it. Next, we broke out the pistols. Jennifer’s M&P9c got some more time with several shooters, as did her FNP45 Tactical and my M&P45c. We were having a fantastic time, assuring that everything was as safe as possible, even to the point of enforcing one gun, one shooter at any given time.

Baby Girl was happily shooting away with my .45 with me close at her shoulder when I heard my older nephew shout, “CEASE FIRE!!! POLICE!!!” Maybe I shouldn’t have bump-fired my AR…

That’s about when I snatched the pistol from Baby Girl’s hands. I dropped the magazine and locked the slide back by the time I heard the officers shout, “This is the County Sheriff’s Department! I want everyone to drop their weapons and put their hands in the air! When I come around this corner, I want to be the only one with a gun in his hand.” My locked open and empty M&P hit the dirt. And it was ironically dusty in the particular spot where I chose to dump my poor pistol.

A plain-clothes officer with a badge hung around his neck, accompanied by a beat cop came around the corner of the house with pistols drawn and flashlights on. As they approached, I asked permission to remove my ear plugs. They inspected our makeshift range and asked as to who lived in the direction that we were shooting. We explained that it was nothing but woods as far as the imagination could go in that direction. They carefully inspected our target area and saw the berm behind. They paid particular attention to my M&P in the dirt. They asked if we were only shooting handguns and I told them that we had shot a couple of rifles earlier.

They seemed satisfied with our setup and said that everything seemed safe, and added that they had received numerous 911 calls. Maybe I shouldn’t have bump-fired my AR… They explained that everything that we were doing was legal and looked like good, clean fun. God bless Oklahoma! They explained that due to local noise ordinances, we needed to stop shooting by 10:00 p.m., but that still gave us a good half hour, so we should party on. So we did. And, it was good. And, it made for a really good story.

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8 thoughts on “Well, That Was Different…

  1. I remember a long time ago, I went shooting with some friends. We went to a location that was known for people doing some target practice, but it wasn’t our property.

    Any-hoo, I had an AR-15 carbine, with which I proceeded to perform a mag dump as quickly as possible. There was soon a deputy Sheriff there inspecting my weapon. After I showed him that it was semi-auto (and explaining which parts it didn’t have), he told us we might just want to mosey on home.

    We did. Lesson learned.

    Glad your outcome was … pleasant!

  2. I am soooo glad they didn’t overreact. Every time something like this happens I cringe inside, hoping against hope that it didn’t go bad.

  3. At least it was just a plainclothes and a uniform cop. Some places would’ve had the 10 para-military SWAT cops rappelling over the roof onto the deck, while throwing flash-bangs. :rolleyes:

    However, I still cringe at the over-reaction of them coming around the corner with drawn guns. Gunshots coming from a single location, for an extended period of time (a couple hours from your description), would not tend to suggest a drive-by, a drug shooting or a gang war.

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