Blogroll Facepalm

It was not that long ago that I had pretty much given up on reading blogs. Then, I got off my lazy butt and set up my Google reader. Between that and FoxVox, I have my laptop read a bunch of blogs to me. When I set it up, I pretty well copied my blogroll and subscribed to everything there. Whenever I am interested to see what someone in particular has to say, I’ll look for them in my reader. So yesterday, I was looking in my reader for my friend’s, AEPilot Jim’s, blog. How unusual. It wasn’t in my reader. So I fell back on my previous method which was to pull up my blog and link over from my blogroll. How odd. I couldn’t find him there either. Because he wasn’t in my blogroll. At all. And that’s weird. So, that’s now fixed, and he’s there. If you don’t already read him, you probably should. Funny guy to say the least. And, if you think that you should be in my blogroll, please do speak up. I’m probably not excluding you so much as being ditzy.

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6 thoughts on “Blogroll Facepalm

  1. Thanks for the invitation. I read you with regularity, and I think have even made comments. (or maybe it was your wife’s blog?)
    Anyway, please take a look at mine, and add it if it meets your standards.
    You’re on my blogroll.

  2. @guffaw – Let me get this straight. You read my blog, and you think I have standards? 😛 You’ve been added. Thanks for the note.

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