Siamese Mauser

Part of my inheritance from my Grandpa was three rifle actions. I didn’t really know anything about them at the time, but I knew that they were big, and a real novelty. Now, I know more. What I have here are three Siamese Mauser actions. Now, for the background story…

At the end of the nineteenth century, firearm technology was progressing from black powder, to the new-and-improved, more powerful, smokeless powder. This demanded a far more stout gun to handle the increased power. Thus, gun manufacturers started designing beefier guns. Mauser took the lead, and broke the mold with their brand-new Model 98 action, which was stronger, and yet smoother than anything else produced.

The Siamese government contracted them to produce a modified version of this action for their own military use. This was an even beefier, stronger version of the Model 98, which became known as the Siamese Mouser. This has been a popular rifle action for custom rifle projects for the last half-century now.

The original ammunition that these guns fired is now obsolete, but this action can be easily modified to fire .45/70 ammo, which is very powerful. A custom, Siamese Mouser rifle is commonly used for big game, as well as long-range shooting. I personally, will probably only target-practice with it until I get my hunter’s safety certification.

So, with a little knife-making under my belt, it looks like it’s time for me to step up to gun-making. I will take these actions to the gunsmith to see what they need, and then I will be shopping barrels and exotic woods for stock material. Needless to say, I’m a little anxious. I hope they don’t need a lot of work prior to my integrating them into new guns. But, it looks like I have a new project to tend to.

OBTW, here’s a link to some pics:

Mystery Action (Carbine?)

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4 thoughts on “Siamese Mauser

  1. Due to the history on these three specimens, I don’t see myself getting rid of them for sentimental reasons, if for nothing else. They are going to be slow-moving projects for certain! However, I’ll keep my eyes and ears open, and keep you in mind. Just for reference, what kind of price range are you looking for on examples like this?

  2. You know, “Siamese Mauser” it like the #1 source of Google hits to my blog. I think that’s really interesting that people would rather hear about my to-be-sporterized rifles than my wacky political ideas, personal feelings, family dealings, and whatever else… Oh well. When I start in on these actions, I’m going to have to publish a series of play-by-play pics on my blog. Stay tuned, folks!

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