Blogorado Roll Call & Thank You’s

In no particular order…

Thank you Jennifer for coming with me on all my stupid adventures. You’re my best friend and lover and I can’t imagine going without you.

Thank you Farm Fam! Farm Mom‘s cooking and hospitality were top-notch, Farm Girl was as sweet and yet snarky as ever, and Farm Dad was quite accommodating and conversational. Again, that’s a sweet range you’ve set up, Farm Dad. You are inspirational! OBTW, we took pickles home. *NOM, NOM, NOM!!!*

Old NFO, it was a pleasure as always. I’m always looking forward to the next time I can sit and chat with you. Thanks for giving tips to the kids and thanks for helping to prepare the range for the rest of us.

Thank you AEPilot Jim for helping to set up the range, and for sharing your big ole rifle. I’m going to have to put in some time with some scoped rifles so I get it better. Unfortunately, presenting it to me at my level of incompetence was largely pearls before swine. I’ll try to rectify that though. It is cool, I just can’t fully appreciate it yet.

Nerds: So awesome to get to chat with you again. Before we met, I didn’t realize how well we would get along with you. At this point, I think we’re well on the way to fast friendhood. Thank you Stingray for your generosity with the beer and the ammo. I owe you like a box of .44 Magnum or something. We’ll work it out. LabRat, it was great talking with you. You two are lucky to have each other, and I’m definitely looking forward to our next encounter.

Although it wasn’t our first time to meet, it was really awesome to actually get to talk with you, Tam. Thank you for being so generous with your ammunition, and with your tips to the kids. I believe you are right that they will wind up excellent with guns with a little patient guidance. The advice they got over the weekend from people that aren’t us was invaluable.

Spear, I’m looking forward to seeing what you can do with the M&P. Your knife is on my workbench in my studio and I’m looking forward to seeing pics of what you would like for it. Thanks for being such a good sport about everything, and do take care of that girl of yours.

Jason, that’s some beautiful engraving work you’re doing. Keep up the good work! Thanks for showing up and throwing lead with the rest of us.

Ambulance Driver, thank you so much for your patient direction with the kids and your generosity with the ammo, brother. Just out of curiosity, how many 9mm cartridges do fit into a mil-surp ammo can?

Christina, thanks for the hand rub. I’ll try to do better with my stretches, but I’ll likely take a good had rub at any opportunity. With the work I do, I can use them anytime I can get them.

Phlegmmy, it’s always several kinds of wonderful to see you. We’ll have to have you out to the house sometime before too long. Thanks for letting me try out your funky revolving carbine/shotgun thingy. I definitely prefer it to it’s handgun brethren.

LawDog, ran out of time and didn’t get to chat with you enough. Well, I could probably say that for everyone in the group. But still, I hope I get to talk to you more next time I see you.

SciFi and Mrs. SciFi, it was great to see you again and make fun of accents. Next time we’re going to have to show up earlier so we won’t miss out on the sea roaches. Thanks for traveling so far to see the rest of us reprobates.

Matt G, I know that Baby Girl was pretty antagonistic towards you over the weekend, and I know that you have the physical ability to squash her like a bug. Thanks for your patience. We’re working with her and I hope for her to be a little more personable next time you see her. It was still pretty awesome to get to see you. You should bring your wife to these things more often.

JPG, thanks for spotting me shooting the revolvers at the 350-yard car. That was incredibly fun. As always, it was wonderful to see you and your wonderful family.

Holly, it was pretty awesome to sit and chat with you when my hand hurt too bad to shoot (before I went back and shot more anyway). Even though you didn’t mention the braster this weekend, I haven’t forgotten about it. There will be some such animal. I can’t let one of my local competitors steal all the thunder on that one…

Salamander, it was great to finally meet you! Thanks for not quite wearing the most disturbing costume. 😛 I hope to bump into you again soon.

Thanks for the great weekend everyone! Let’s do it again!

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3 thoughts on “Blogorado Roll Call & Thank You’s

  1. Well, about 500 rounds of 9mm will half fill a .30 caliber ammo can, and that one was about half full.

    And if the Baby Girl and Wee Bot shot 499 of those and had fun doing it, it was ammo well spent. They had great range manners as well!

    Now I gotta get on that kilt in the next couple of weeks…

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