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Many thanks to the Farm Fam as well as all the other guests at the Secret Location where we burned up so much ammo. The weekend was a singularly sublime experience. The food was wonderful, the shooting was a therapeutic pleasure, and the company was unmatched. I was so very glad that we were able to bring Wee Bot and Baby Girl with us.


The kids had a blast in every sense of the word. Although Wee Bot spent most of Saturday finding ‘cool’ rocks to bang against each other, he made up for it with trigger time on Sunday.


The kids shot.


And shot.


And shot.


The funniest part though had to be when Baby Girl asked if she could shoot Jennifer‘s M&P9c. Jennifer told her that she could and that we would need to check and see how much 9mm we had brought. That’s when Ambulance Driver succumbed to the cuteness. I mean, how could he possibly resist this little girl who only wanted to put a few 9mm slugs down range? “Tell you what,” he said, pointing to a surplus ammo can that was full of loose 9mm ammunition, “You can shoot as much of this as you want to. Just help yourself.” Little did he realize that this was much like giving a blank check to the Devil himself and that she would want to shoot ALL OF IT!


I don’t know how many loose rounds of 9mm will fit in a surplus ammo can, but I know how long Baby Girl can empty one of those suckers. And then, she turned around and did the same thing to Tam. Tam only asked that she not use up the nickle-plated cased rounds because those are her bowling pin ammo. Baby Girl dutifully used up all the other ammo that was in that can. At one point in the afternoon, the pistol stopped functioning because of carbon build up from all the shooting. Jennifer had to strip and clean it at the range so Baby Girl could keep shooting it. I know she burned up quite a bit of .38 Special and .357 Magnum as well. Heck, she shot .357 Magnum out of Jennifer’s snubby! She shot .44 Special from one of Salamander‘s 629PCs. The kids burned up over a thousand rounds of .22lr that we brought, and who knows how many others beyond that.


The kids both got a lot of valuable advice from people with far more experience than either Jennifer or me, and it paid off in the end. Each of them was putting lead on target significantly more reliably than they had started on Saturday morning. Although on Saturday morning the other shooters seemed a little nervous to have children on the range, the kids quickly earned the trust and respect of the group with their superb safety discipline. I’m not aware that anyone had to correct either of them on safety issues for the entire weekend, and I received many compliments from my fellow shooters concerning their discipline. Tam went so far as to say that Baby Girl’s shooting was improving so rapidly that she could be a fierce competitor with the right guidance and practice. Old NFO commented with laughter about her preference for big bore and Magnum loads. By Sunday afternoon, Baby Girl was running the pistol range on her own and pinging steel targets more often than not, at a speed that was remarkable for a ten-year-old who only first touched a gun three months ago.

A couple of conclusions –
1 – Baby Girl’s adventurous nature has really pushed Wee Bot to broaden his horizons and play harder with the guns. This is a good thing.
2 – I’m going to need to buy Baby Girl a M&P9. I’ll have to keep my eyes open on the used racks for such an animal.
3 – I need to be reloading. I’ve been saving revolver brass, but it’s time to start saving 9mm and .45 brass as well. My Rock Chucker is not going to be able to handle the volume that I’m going to need to crank out. Maybe I’ll go in on a progressive with my brother…
4 – Ammo cans full of loose ammunition are freaking sweet! I want a few in every caliber I shoot.

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4 thoughts on “Blogorado – Kids Shooting

  1. Seeing Baby Girl shoot so well, I found myself hoping she finds a way to compete as a shooter during her teen years. I think she’s well on her way to becoming quite proficient. :) It was great to see you all and we look forward to seeing you (and our new holsters!) soon.


  2. One thing you can do to help her out is get the old lee loader the one where you need a mallet and a block of wood, for each caliber you reload and teach her how to reload using it. Not to make her less enthusiastic about shooting, but to teach her how to take care in proper reloading techniques. After she gets it down and is consistently reloading quality rounds move her up to a single stage press, once again keep her on the basics so she learns that every step has a reason for safety and accuracy. By the time she is proficient in that you’re ready for the progressive setup.

  3. Yep, they both did well and were VERY safe (hell, they were safer than some adults I’ve seen), and I was happy to shoot with them. And yes she WILL be a competitor; hell, she already IS! :-) Good to see y’all and thanks for the Lumpia!

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